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The eight major advantages of lithium iron phosphate batteries

by:UFO      2020-05-19
Lithium iron phosphate batteries are used for lithium ion secondary battery, now is the main direction of power battery, NI - relatively H, Ni - Cd battery has great advantage.

lithium ion battery cathode material of lithium iron phosphate batteries. This new material is not the past of lithium ion battery cathode material LiCoO2; LiMn2O4; LiNiMO2。 Its safety performance and cycle life is unmatched by other materials, the most important of these is power battery technology index. 1 c filling cycle life over 2000 times. Single battery charging voltage 30 v not burning, not explode. Puncture not explode. Lithium iron phosphate cathode material to make the large capacity lithium ion battery series are more likely to use.

1 long life

long life cycle life of lead-acid battery in around 300, the highest is 500 times, and lithium iron phosphate power battery, cycle life reached more than 2000 times, charging standards, 5 hour rates) Use, can reach 2000 times. With the quality of the lead-acid battery is 'new half a year, half a year, maintenance, maintenance and half year old', at most 1 1. 5 years time, and under the same conditions using lithium iron phosphate battery, will reach 7 - Can be said to be 'lifetime' in eight years. Comprehensive consideration, the price performance ratio for lead-acid batteries more than 5 times.

2 use safety

completely solved the cobalt acid lithium iron phosphate lithium and safety problems of manganese acid lithium, cobalt acid lithium and lithium manganese acid under the intense collision can produce explosion pose a threat to the lives of consumers, and the safety of the lithium iron phosphate to pass strict test even in the worst traffic accident, also won't produce explosion suffers the most characteristics of lithium battery.

3 large current 2 c fast charging and discharging

under the special charger, 1. 5 c can make battery charging 40 minutes, starting current can be up to 2 c, while lead-acid batteries are not the performance.

4 resistant to high temperature peak electrical

lithium iron phosphate can reach 350 ℃ 500 ℃ and cobalt acid lithium manganese acid lithium only at about 200 ℃. 5 large capacity

kunshan is the energy technology in the production of lithium iron phosphate power battery line continuation of mileage is lead-acid battery of 3 - same quality Four times, its advantages can make electric bicycle on the premise of moderate weight, charge can run more than 100 kilometers, for office workers, to charge to be able to use a week or so. While lead-acid battery is equipped with electric bikes under the condition of the vehicle weight not overweight, maximum 12 ah battery capacity ( Lead-acid battery has reached 13 kg weight, and with the capacity of the weight of the lithium iron phosphate battery only 5 kg) And to charge up to 50 km or so. 6

no memory effect rechargeable battery under the condition of are often filled with not to put the work, capacity quickly is lower than the rated capacity values, this phenomenon is called memory effect. Memory like nickel metal hydride, nickel cadmium battery, and lithium iron phosphate batteries do not have this phenomenon, the battery no matter in what condition, can use increases with the increasing charge, do not need to first put the recharging. 7 small volume, light weight

the same specifications and capacity of the volume of lithium iron phosphate battery is two-thirds of lead-acid battery volume weight is 1/3 of the lead-acid battery. 8 green

lithium iron phosphate batteries without any toxic and harmful substances will not pose any pollution to the environment by the world recognized as green environmental protection battery, the battery, whether in production and use of pollution-free, so the battery is included in '15' during the '863' national high-tech development plan, as a national key support and encourage the development of the project.

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