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The characteristics of polymer lithium-ion battery

by:UFO      2020-05-17
Polymer lithium ion battery using the polymer electrolyte ion conductivity and combines the diaphragm has replaced by liquid liquid electrolyte of lithium ion battery, fundamentally solve the problem of the leakage, and has higher security, in case of improper use, overcharge, discharge, bump, crush, puncture, such as cases, polymer lithium ion battery explosion will not occur.

polymer lithium ion battery electrolyte is 'dry' rather than a liquid, not only have special security, but also can make it according to the requirements of various shapes. A new generation of polymer lithium ion battery in shape can be thin shape, any size and any shape, greatly improving the battery design flexibility, so as to meet the needs of the product, made into any shape and the capacity of the battery, for the application equipment developers on the power supply solution provides a high degree of design flexibility and adaptability, to optimize its products to maximize performance. As a result, more suitable for application in the military, space technology, portable appliances, and other fields. Polymer lithium ion battery in addition has the characteristics of liquid organic electrolyte of lithium ion battery, also has the packaging the advantages of simple and easy, easy to mass production. Because polymer lithium ion battery in terms of its structure and no acid and alkali in the process of production and pollution, such as lead, mercury is advocated in the new century of green environmental protection battery. Therefore, polymer lithium ion battery since the advent of strongly attracted battery research and production units.

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