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The Battery Geeks- New High Capacity Laptop Battery

by:UFO      2020-08-24

With the development of economy and society, dropship business has become a popular and hot issue for small businesses. Electronic market has huge potential lucrative profits in China.

NearbyExpress, as an international professional dropship supplier of wholesale laptop batteries has become a rising star next to Sunvalleytek and Hootoo company which is its sister holding the same manufactories with DELL, SAMSUNG, and HTC. The major laptop battery in 'wholesale laptop batteries club' is Li-ion battery. As the above mentioned, Li-ion battery will be the most popular one in our future e-life.

Before taking about details about Li-ion batteries, let's start from another types of common batteries first.

First of all, Nickel-Metal Hydride

The complete holding capacity of all laptop batteries (such as Laptop Battery for Dell Inspiron 1100 Series) decreases with age. There are two features when compared with standard Nickel-cadmium batteries, Nickel-metal hydride batteries offer 30% capacity more and contain fewer toxic metals while less life cycle in usage.

Secondly, Nickel-cadmium (NiCad) batteries are featured by economical price, high discharge prices and long life. Generally speaking companies propose a slow 24-hour charge before 1st use. This slow charge revives electrolyte redistribution. During long storage periods, electrolytes sink to the bottom belonging to the cells. Actually, initial charge before use also facilitates offer all of the battery tissues an equal charge level. NiCad batteries offer high current output and last through 500 charge cycles.

Then, it is turn to Lithium-ion batteries, also called Li-ion, are characterized by rapid charging possibilities and outstanding all-round performance compared with nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride models.

As opposed to the NiMH battery, Lithium Ion laptop computer batteries have zero memory impact. Lithium Ion batteries will also be more compact than each NiCd and also Nickel Metal Hydride notebook electric batteries, which can be the battery geek in battery's history nowadays!

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