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The application and prospect of lithium-ion batteries

by:UFO      2020-05-11

lithium ion battery than other batteries with higher energy and power such outstanding advantages, since the successful development in the early 1990 s, has become the best comprehensive properties of the battery system. Especially the development of polymer lithium ion battery technology, since it has light, thin, can design their battery to arbitrary shape and good security advantage, make the lithium ion battery application field further widened. Lithium-ion battery production and sales always maintain its breakneck growth. In the 1990 s lithium ion battery tends to research all kinds of portable electronic products. With the improvement of battery design technology and the emergence of new materials, the application range of the lithium ion battery has been expanding. Civil has risen from information products [ Mobile phone, palm computer ( PDA) , laptop, etc. ] Extended to energy and transportation, Electric vehicles, power grid peak shaving, solar energy, wind can storage power station) , military covers the sea ( Submarines, underwater robot) And land, The army soldier systems, machine warrior) And day ( Unmanned aircraft) , empty, Satellites, spacecraft) And so on. Lithium ion battery technology is not only an industry, with the development of information industry is one of the development of new energy industry base, and become indispensable to modern and future life and military equipment one of the important 'food'.

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