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Ten Major Trends for SmartPhone in the Future Development

by:UFO      2020-08-26

When referring to Smartphone, commonly various games like Angry Birds, Tom Cats, multiple instant massagers like QQ, MSN or Skype and your facebook or twitter news always online will pop up and even stuff our head, right? With the popularity and development of 3G phones, smart phone is not strange to us. Before talking something about the developing trends of smart phone, let's get a little knowledge of it first.

A smartphone (http://www.hootoo.com/smart-cell-phones-c-74_350.html ) is a high-end mobile phone that offers more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a contemporary feature phone (i.e. a modern low-end phone). A smart phone combines the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone. Today's models typically also serve as portable media players and camera phones with high-resolution touchscreen, GPS navigation, Wi-Fi and mobile broadband access, which run a complete mobile operating system. Widespread examples are Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows Phone 7, Nokia Symbian, Research in Motion BlackBerry OS, and embedded Linux distributions such as Maemo. Such systems can be installed on many different phone models. They can run third-party applications, using an application programming interface (API).

According to the marketing survey on 'the future development of smart phone in 2011' held by Ovum company, there are at least 10 major trends in smart phone's future development.

First of all, Popularity of GPS Service

GPS (Global Positioning System) has been popular with global positioning function and convenient transportation guide, who can not only help users reach the destination by the highest efficient way, but also promote diverse service like related researching in hotel and restaurant while being in travel.

Secondly, Increasing OpenSource Platforms

OpenSource is another new trend for smartphone nowadays. Increasing suppliers of smartphones have already announced their OpenSource Strategy or App.s in their websites. To name a few, Google starts Android OpenSource Mobile Platform Plan a few days ago.

Thirdly, Prolong Battery Life

The standby time is a key standard to measure the personality of smart phones, because Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Color Screen and Hands-free can consume and withdraw battery power to some extent. Therefore, the future smart phone should put prolonging the battery life at the top of schedule.

Fourthly, Brand New Wi-Fi Ship

Plug in a brand new Wi-Fi ship like Atheros AR6002 Series, you can reduce the power consumption of your battery and prolong the standby time of your smart phone.

Fifthly, Authentication Service

Authentication service is not a popular function for smart phone users right now, but it will enhance mobile phones performance at a large extent. At the beginning of 2011, T-mobile Company promotes the Hotspot@Home service which allows users to get through VOIP by mobile phone, but only cell phones with Wi-Fi. Later, RIM produced a new mobile phone to support the above service in September. It's unsurprising that authentication service will bring out much more new smart phone.

Sixthly, Safety System

In order to avoid any possible dangers which may be caused by sudden stealing at bus station, smart phones are built in various safety software like Device Lock, Function Lock, Encryption, Authentication, Remote Deleting Database, Firewall and VPN to protect users personal information from theft and abuse.

Seventhly, Media Application and touch screen

Even for a normal mobile phone, music, audio and video services are commonly used; smartphone can watch TV and play online games shiftily and conveniently. However, the future smart phone needs to balance the media function between business application and personal application. Aiming to get better experiences, touch screen is and always an indispensable feature for smart phones.

Eighthly, Tons of Applications Download and Bigger Memory

With the development and popularity of instant massagers in business and daily life, email, facebook and twitter are the fad in present e-age. Therefore, consolidating the application in those aspects can be one major reason why we choose smart phone as favorite. Besides that you can download any available app.s in the third party websites to enrich your smart phones. Tons of applications acquire bigger memory which should be at least 1 G.

Ninthly, Built-in Camera

The day when built-in camera is the chicken rib for smart phone has gone, because it touts thousands of hundreds of Paikes to show them.

Ten, Home Base Station

Your smart phone is not just a gadget to make calls, listen to music or watch TV, it also can be the remote controller for your home applications like digital TV or it can be your ID card and Bank card when you are in need.

All in all, smart phone will become an up-and-coming gadget in our daily life, with the acceleration of science and technology, smart phone will uncover more power in the future!

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