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Take Maintenance of Your Laptop Battery

by:UFO      2020-08-27

Taking proper maintenance could save the longevity of your laptop battery. Instead of changing the battery quite often, one can keep his laptop hardware under frequent check up. It will save your cost if you take care of your laptop battery, chargers, adaptor and cords at least once in a month. Most of us rush to plug in power cord when they are running short of it. But, they don't pay much attention to the battery until it gets out of order. So, before the things go wrong with your laptop, let's learn a few tips to keep your gadget in a sound condition.

If your battery doesn't get sufficient charge or gets poor charge, it could grow vulnerable over the time. So, it would be wise to leave your laptop to full charge during night time when you turn it off. On the first day of your purchase, you are required to charge your laptop. A laptop holds the ability to function after consuming a little charge. But, if you don't do that frequently, it could gradually lose its power sustainability for longer time.

However, overcharging the battery is detrimental for its health. For example, lithium Samsung battery if overcharged will be badly heated. Overcharging can bring major damage to it and even spoil it permanently. Therefore, it is always advised to keep your Samsung battery away from sun or any heated substance or a radiator. It can support your system in time of power scarcity or accidental unplugging. It acts as backup along with AC adaptor which is used for giving power to the laptop. In order to prevent from overheating your laptop, you should plug in the AC adaptor when your battery needs to get charge.

The more power you could save, the longer your laptop battery will function. By disabling some functions of control panel of your laptop will reserve more power supply into your laptop battery. Coming down in the control panel area, you will get access to power management tools. Here, you can prefer to bring some changes in the time settings of your screensaver. Your system will automatically turn off the screensaver or suspend the function of hard drive when it stays idle for some amount of time. Disabling Bluetooth or other software functions can be expedient for the purpose of saving more power in your battery which you could use for more valuable purpose.

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