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Taiwan lithium battery industry has enormous potential

by:UFO      2020-08-28

China's battery industry in Taiwan has not, as the electronics industry or Semiconductor Industry as by the attention, although the current global market share of only about 5%, but my battery manufacturers in the Taiwan manufacturing technology level and quality of products, as well as in the battery industry, the worldwide leading manufacturer in Japan, there are still great room to grow. In particular, firms in Taiwan have already improved by technology, will be applied by the price of lithium batteries Competition 3C fierce market, transfer to a specific niche areas, greatly enhancing product value; and lithium batteries with new energy, including solar energy, Fuel Battery combined with the application, but also to the future full of potential.

Lithium batteries due to its high energy density, high voltage, and stable discharge characteristics and other advantages, coupled with the process technology is mature, slim-profile, popular prices, including notebook computers, Mobile , Digital cameras, MP3 Players and other portable electronic products, the application can be widely used. According to ITRI IEK-ITIS plan for Taiwan Secondary Battery (secondarybattery) industry has done market research data, the production value of NT in 2005 reached 8.02 billion yuan, nearly 5 years, the average annual compound growth rate of 45%, among which the best growth performance lithium batteries, up 68.1%.

Optimistic about the growth of lithium demand, many manufacturers in Taiwan before and after 1998, investment in lithium battery production lines, but in Japan, South Korea and the emerging companies in Mainland China under the fierce competition, there are many manufacturers early exit (such as Taiwan, super energy, lithium-new technology), especially in mobile phones and other consumer electronics applications, the field of lithium battery products, including the few remaining manufacturers to Yuan Science and Technology (E-ONEMoli Energy), Xing to high Technology (Synergy), kinetic energy technology (EXAEnergy), volume Wei battery (HECELL) and other names.

To reduce product manufacturing costs, most manufacturers have switched to Taiwan, Li-ion battery production base in human lower mainland to move, or to customize the design to enhance its battery products as value-added strategy; Technology can be element of which is the successful application of its lithium-powered products, intense price competition from the market shift to portable 3C Power Tools Machine (powertool) in the field, and in high-current lithium battery technology breakthroughs. Able element, general manager of Guo Hancheng said: 'The battery electric machine tools usually require higher current, in the past to use Nickel Cadmium battery-based, coupled with high use of environmental vibration, temperature high, requiring high stability of the battery is almost impossible to set foot in lithium battery applications. '

The product structure by battery materials and design innovation, will use lithium manganese oxide material element to replace lithium cobalt oxide material, developed a large current with high stability with the lithium battery products, and successfully enter the European and American market; the company mergers and acquisitions in 2000 NEC Canada MOLI round lithium battery factory, and was launched in 2003 IMR-26700 series of high-power battery, known in 2005 and Milwaukee power tool manufacturer to develop a dedicated high-power power tools lithium group, and use this type of battery a series of wireless electric machine tools, is the world's first to replace the traditional nickel-cadmium battery lithium battery electric machine tool products, and gained considerable industry attention.

'Element also had to produce notebook computers use lithium products, but the field of application of 3C battery price competition is intense, our company was small, not enough capacity to cope with, and thus turning to electric machine tools Electric cars The use of lithium battery technology development. 'Guohan Cheng pointed out that the electric machine tool applications such as battery niche product development, requires close cooperation with customers and keep trying, the company combines the technical strength and Taiwan manufacturers unique flexibility, with flexibility, and successfully and downstream customers to establish a good relationship, so in response to specific needs of the battery product development to be successful.

Addition to power tools outside the machine, including electric scooters, electric bicycles, solar cars, is also optimistic about the lithium batteries can be applied per area; present the company's lithium batteries in Canada and the park's plant in Taiwan for the main production, the current production capacity can reach 700,000 a year, plans to upgrade to one year in the next 10 million level. While for the lithium battery industry, Guo Hancheng that the application of lithium batteries are still full of infinite possibilities: 'It's like uninterruptible power systems (UPS) was originally used lead acid batteries, lithium batteries can also be used now to replace; have vehicles or is with solar power, fuel cell power generation system batteries, lithium batteries may be room to play. '

Cell industry for the integration of resources in Taiwan, ITRI and Taiwan more than 40 cell industry 10 years ago, the upstream and downstream firms set up a 'Taiwan Battery Industry and Technology Development Association,' and in April this year to expand set up a 'Taiwan Battery Association (TaiwanBatteryAssociation, TBA)', which can also a member of the element. Is also executive director of Guo Hancheng Battery Association, said Taiwan manufacturers in the past poor performance in the field of the main reasons for lithium batteries, lithium batteries are misjudge the depth of the industry, Investment Too conservative, while the overall battery upstream and downstream industry chain co-operation, integration of all resources will be key to improve the battery industry; he looked forward to the establishment by the Association, the battery industry in Taiwan will be more attention and has come a long way development. [Popular Keywords]: Battery Industry Battery Comment Large In Small

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