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StoneFly Voyager FC IP SAN

by:UFO      2020-08-29

StoneFly which is a business subsidiary of Dynamic Network Factory is a company which offers storage solutions for small to large scale businesses since a decade and more. StoneFly Voyager FC virtualized IP SAN is one such solution, which offers high redundancy, scalability, availability and performance and delivers high end storage solutions. It offers the flexibility of offering a small scale storage which can expand to 100s of TB if the need arises, in an enterprise.

The Voyager FC is designed for enterprise environments which are in a look out for high availability applications associated storage appliances. StoneFly Voyager FC IP SAN offers work functions such as online transaction, database processing, email, disk based archives, disk 2 disk backup and support to other such applications.

Voyager FC IP SAN is offered with the award winning Stone Fusion IP Operating System and has a latest StoneFly Storage Concentrator with multi core parallel processing power. Moreover, this storage appliance offers cost effective expansion via optional expansion units.

In order to guestimate the features of Voyager FC IP SAN let us go through its features in detail. This intelligent storage appliance is driven by Stone Fusion Operating System. It forms the baseline with the storage networking architecture and offers low TCO by lessening the management costs and increasing the storage utilization.

With the addition of block level storage intelligence to the IP Networking Core, Stone Fusion Powered storage concentrator offers the benefits of SAN management in a simple way and allows the increase of the storage utilization, which is possible by features such as resource consolidation, storage provisioning, volume management and access control. Back up & Disaster Recovery solutions are available on this storage appliance as technologies like clustering, mirroring and snapshot is available on this platform. Stonefly offers Virtual servers with ISCSI Technology.

The storage capabilities are available in an advanced way on the StoneFly Voyager FC IP SAN as it has active/active clustering feature, tiered storage and high availability with fail- over feature in it. There is a centralized storage management in this solution, with which each storage pool can be tagged with target applications and so, high performance, high spindle count, disk based archives, campus mirroring and more are available on this storage.

In order to respond to new storage requests and requirements, the IT Manager is presented with the option of StoneFly intuitive user interface which offers standard security protocols which includes CHAP for simplified access control.

Monitoring of System health, configuration, load and utilization, sessions and usage patters can be achieved from StoneFly web based control panel. An alert facility is available on this platform, which is offered through email, cell phone and text messaging.

StoneFly Voyager FC IP SAN is scalable up to 448 drives and offers RAID configurations such as Raid 0, 1,5,6,10,50 and 60. The entire system is backed up by an able battery, in the event of power resource failures. The tiering of this storage appliance is available with select volumes from SAS, SATA and SSD pools.

On a conclusion note, for those who are looking out for a FC SAN, StoneFly offers iSCSI based FC SAN through its Voyager FC IP SAN storage appliance. For more details about IP SAN products, visit ISCSI.

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