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Some Troubleshooting Tips For a Sony DSC-T99 Model

by:UFO      2020-09-01

Sony cameras are famed for capturing high-quality images and subsequently saving them to multitude of media storage types like floppy disks and memory sticks. Upon setting up a Sony DSC-T99 or any other Sony camera, one might experience various challenges pertaining to the functionality of the camera. One may face functional glitches with regards to power loss, dark images, zooming in and out or image deletion. Hence, before brandishing his/her camera in a sporting event or a special occasion, an individual must confirm that the camera is operational and is capable of capturing memories without any hitches.

So, below is the list of common functional problems that an individual might face while operating the camera and the ways it can be fixed.

1) Dark Picture

a) Push the 'Movie/Still/Play' switch over to 'Still' or 'Movie'. This will correct a scene that is too dark. If it does not, then use the navigation button and go to the main menu where you can select 'Camera' and then scroll down the menu to 'exposure'.

b) By using the 4-way navigation button on the right side of the camera increase or decrease the value of exposure.

c) Continue to observe the picture while raising the exposure value in the increments of thirds. Keep raising the exposure value till the subject you intend to click is evenly lit and then click the picture by pressing the 'shutter release' button that is located at the top of the camera.

2) Image Won't Delete

a) Push the 'Movie/Still/Play' switch over to 'play'. This will correct a file that won't delete.

b) By using the 4-way navigation button on the right side of the camera, select the image you intend to delete.

c) Select 'File' then go to 'Protect' and 'OFF' in order to remove the protect attribute of the file. Subsequently you can proceed to delete the file.

3) Power Loss

a) Turn the camera on its back and the slide the battery chamber door up to fix the camera, on which the buttons do not work or has suffered power loss.

b) Check the metal contact of the battery for grime by removing the battery pack from the chamber. In case they are unclean, it is advisable to clean it with a soft cloth. Re-insert the battery in to the chamber and shut the battery door.

c) Plug the power supply/charger in to the left side of the camera under 'DC in', and plug it to a wall outlet. Charge the battery for approximately 150 minutes. Even after this, if the battery does not hold a charge, continue the charging process for a longer period of time. There are a lot of other functional problems which an average user faces while operating a Sony camera. The troubleshooting guide that comes along with the camera is very handy while facing such issues.

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