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Some Good to Know Information on Different Configuration

by:UFO      2020-09-02

Use of laptop and other highly portable computers like palm top and PDA (Personal Digital Assistance) provides user a wide range of benefits for example users do not need to carry their important data separately in Pen drives and other storage devices while going to another location. There is no need to have power source as a mandate because any laptop has minimum one hour of battery life means one can work with out power source or at a location where it is not possible to charge laptop.

There are many good and well known companies like Dell, HCL, Samsung, Sony and Lenovo which provides laptop as a part to their IT management solutions. Dell in particular does not manufacture laptop but it assembles them and Dell notebooks are quite popular among the folks. In the starting phase Dell was an assembling company which assembles computers or laptop as per the customer's classification and later Dell started assembling some common configurations in the market. These common configurations in common are known as Dell notebooks and laptop.

If you are thinking to purchase one such laptop for your IT management there are few things that can be beneficial for you to know. Any laptop can be divided into following parts - Processor, RAM (Random Access Memory), Hard Disk or storage, Graphics and display. You must be very clear about your requirement for the mentioned points before purchasing any such IT management device. In this article a little detail about these parts is mentioned.

Processor is the key part of any such laptop because the response rate or the calculation speed depends over the type of processor any system is using. There are not many companies manufacturing these processors few companies like Intel and AMD produces such processors and latest processor in the market is Core I 7. If you need to perform general tasks like playing games, viewing movies working on Microsoft office then regular medium level processor will be fine enough for you but if you intend to do high level work like designing and programming then you must use latest versions of processors.

RAM is the functional memory of any such laptop and helps system to process or to calculate the required results. There are certain things which laptop needs to remember for a very short period of time or for the time when the task is going to be finished as to continue further calculation that is why we use laptop and are very happy with. More the RAM means faster the operations as computers use RAM as a functioning memory and it enables multi tasking activities.

Hard disk storage is about the physical storage capacity of your laptop or dell notebook and often is in GB (Giga bites). Display is about the diagonal length of the monitor screen and laptop with 10 , 13, 14 and 15 inch display are available in the market very easily. Few such systems use graphic cards where user needs to perform high end graphic tasks or want to play advanced three dimensional games. Always try to install some disaster recovery software in your systems as disaster recovery software keep a copy of all your important files so that in case of any data loss it can be recovered very easily. There are some other methods of data recovery are also effective like physical translation of data on external storage devices.

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