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Solving The Mystery Data Recovery Prevention

by:UFO      2020-09-02

One of computing's most understood concept is data loss. User most likely comes in a situation of panic and confusion while unable to access information suddenly, wondering, where the files went and what to do to get it back, is the recovery impossible? What is the actually happened and cause of it? What to do to prevent it in the future? If we examine the causes of the data loss, there are number of prevention and solution are available that could minimize the chances of data loss in the future.

It is the worst time to figure out how the serious loss happens. Managers should think about the prevention measures to avoid the disaster that can befall their stored files.

First of all the computing environment should be designed in such a way that cannot jolt or damage the equipment, should be clean, dry and dust free. Larger organization should have uninterrupted back up power supply (UPS) so the data can be saved during power cuts and smaller organization must use the power surge protectors.

Most of the businesses keep the practice of keeping their back up of the premises in a safe location, but often ignore the simple idea of verifying the right files is being stored onto the right tapes. There is a possibility of issue arises if the older data is not being overwritten by the new information.

What Is Data Loss?

We can define the information loss as the data that can be inaccessible to the user, further we can classify recovery into permanent or temporary data loss, its misconception of the industry that the 'information lost' is the data that has been destroyed permanently with no or little hope of recovery. The real picture is much different than assumptions; findings revealed that 80% of the lost data can be recovered. By using proper tools and techniques by experts the lost information can be retrieved. Unfortunately hundreds and thousands of gigabytes of data have been lost just because the lack of awareness of the data recovery options. all information storage remains a fragile science, despite technological advances in the storage media the incidents of data loss continue to rise.

Here are some protection tips:

*'Fire drill' would be a good option, files must be backed up properly and check must be made periodically on the restore capabilities.

*Computing environment must controlled, clean and dry.

*Only trained professional must be enthused to handle your hard drive and repair it.

*Use repair utilities and diagnostics with proper caution.

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