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Solar Chargers Are The Need of The Hour

by:UFO      2020-09-05

Often in life, one encounters the need for alternatives, more so, when the existing options are either unavailable or too pricey to afford. Solar battery charger is one such alternative that you can opt for, in case you need to charge a device of yours, but do not have access to electricity. As the name suggests, this charger makes use of the solar energy and therefore, it is seen as an eco-friendly alternative by many people. The working mechanism of this kind of charger is quite different from that of a conventional counterpart and is in fact, quite interesting in itself.

A typical Solar battery charger comprises several solar cells, which are further made up of two different types of silicon semiconductors, viz. P and N. These semiconductors essay the role of a diode and are crucial to the entire process of converting solar energy into the required source of power. When put together, the semiconductors form some Photo voltaic cells, which by the way, are the only components that get exposed to sunlight directly. Nevertheless, the electrons in the semiconductor begin to flow, as soon as the sunlight falls on the voltaic cells. Technically, this very flow of electrons is what we commonly refer to as 'electric energy'.

The world seems to have gone gaga over solar chargers, more so, as these are known to lessen the much talked about 'carbon footprint'. Many people also believe that these chargers help a lot in reducing the amount of toxic waste. Therefore, those who care for the environment prefer to use these chargers, as they allow them to feel a bit closer to nature. What attracts most of the users towards these chargers is the fact that these are not portable, but quite light weight as well.

Solar chargers have proved to be of great use, in case of power blackouts and are quite popular amongst those, who often go out for hiking expeditions or spend most of their time outdoors. However, just like the conventional chargers, these too have their own share of drawbacks or 'disadvantages, as the experts put it. For instance, it is next to impossible to use these chargers on a rainy day, which in turn would leave you in lurch. Therefore, it is more than essential that you give due consideration to weather and similar aspects, before actually picking up a charger for yourself. Well, the benefits galore; it's just that you need to keep in mind, some of the basic requisites.

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