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What is solar battery?


How to optimize energy consumption in the house with the Solar Battery?

Is your dream to be independent of electricity supplies? Even, if it is not yet possible to achieve it 100%. There are several solutions that allow you to be able to get close to this desireHow? Thanks to solar battery, which are revolutionizing the way we produce clean energy for our homes, powering appliances and heating water. 

Solar Battery

Often, however, what slows down users is the fear of not having enough energy available to meet household needs:

Let's find out how Solar Battery works!

What is it and how to pursue energy independence?

By +“energy independence " we mean the possibility of resorting to renewable energy sources. It produces clean energy to heat the house and power appliances, thus spending as little as possible and protecting the environment.

Unfortunately, however, nowadays the construction systems of the houses, the latitudes and the current technology, are factors that do not allow us to completely do without the supply of energy from fossil fuels but, it is still possible to get very close.

Achieving more than satisfactory domestic energy tools

  1. Heat pump: produces thermal energy using renewable sources (air, water or earth) then use to heat rooms and water.
  2. Photovoltaic system: this system includes photovoltaic modules that exploit solar energy to produce electricity. It is useful for heating water, powering household appliances and therefore also air conditioners.
  3. Solar Battery: An innovative device that allows you to accumulate excess energy produced in your home to store it and use it later, when needed.

What is the storage battery for photovoltaic?

Solar Battery batteries are innovative devices which, when combined with the photovoltaic system. Storage battery is able to supply you with the energy you need and achieve energy independence. If connected to the photovoltaic system, in fact, the battery accumulates the excess energy produce. It and use it at a later time (for example in the evening, when it rains or in any case there is less availability of sunlight).  

The photovoltaic accumulators allow reaching over 75% of the energy needs and base on a system. It contains different technologies, able to accumulate the energy that comes from the photovoltaic panels and distribute it according to the needs, avoiding waste.  

What are the best Solar Battery for photovoltaic

The most innovative and performing models of photovoltaic accumulators are generally composed of several elements:

  • Batteries
  • Inverter
  • Energy management software

The best Solar Battery photovoltaic use intelligent softwareessential for managing energy flows during the day and, thanks to the combination with the photovoltaic system, provides the necessary energy. The storage battery, in fact, conserves the excess energy produce the panels, to use it when there is an actual need. 

To ensure optimal insulation, the device encloses in a casing connected to the ventilation system that protects against changes in temperature and contact with humans: for this reason it is important that it places in specific areas, such as a protected and adequate room.

Solar Battery an excellent system for storing

Over the last few years, Solar Battery is becoming real protagonists in the world of renewables. This growth is possible thanks to the constant technological advances that are made in this particular field. In addition, these improvements allow lowering the costs of this useful photovoltaic storage system.

Generally, solar batteries perform at their best for about 10-15 years. Although they last less than the photovoltaic panels for which they operate. They are an excellent system for storing the electrical energy generated by the Solar Battery.

Especially when the energy produce far exceeds that necessary to cover the energy needs

The usefulness of a solar battery

Even in recent times, photovoltaic systems did not include any storage system. Therefore, the energy produced was lost or reintroduced into the public network.

With technological progress, however, energy storage, even on a small scale, has become a reality. The solar batteries, therefore, allow to accumulate all the energy generated and to avoid losses. Solar Battery storing clean energy, in other words, lowers the level of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

Benefits of Solar Battery

The Solar Battery is certainly an economic investment, as well as the installation of a photovoltaic system. What is certain is that over the years it allows to substantially reduce the price of the bill, allowing the costs incurred initially to recovers in a short time.

 Economic incentives must also be taken into account allocated by the various administrations and public bodies, which can be a huge contribution, lowering the initial expenditure.

Solar Battery 2022

Install the solar batteries

Photovoltaic storage systems can be installed both in pre-existing systems and in new generation systems. The unit consisting of solar batteries is usually similar in size to a common household appliance and install inside your home.

Panels and batteries work very well together and allow anyone who makes them work together to reduce energy costs and, at the same time, to produce clean energy from renewable sources.

The types of solar batteries

What make it possible to distinguish the different types of Solar Battery are the materials with which they are built. The main ones are lead-acid, lithium, Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium) and NiFe (nickel-iron). The best known category is certainly that of lithium batteries, which have a longer life cycle and more advantageous costs per cycle.

These two aspects make them safe and efficient from an economic point of view. Lead -acid batteries, on the other hand, are the cheapest option and uses for many years in this type of system.

Their disadvantage is the duration: Their life, in fact, is shorter than other batteries; if, however, large quantities need, lead-acid batteries can be a valid option. Nickel -cadmium batteries they have a long life and are cheaper than some options. They are robust batteries that withstand various temperatures.


Lithium-ion Solar Battery discharge from 70% to 90%, lead-acid batteries about 50%. This, along with a longer lifespan, makes lithium-ion batteries more expensive. The life expectancy of the former is 11-15 years, much more than that of the latter. Furthermore, lithium batteries can uses much longer before they need to be charged.

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