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Simple Tips to Keep Your Computer Running For Long Time

by:UFO      2020-09-07

Many people think that the price of computer's has decreased; but mostly they forget that importance of computer has increased many times more. Yes, today we keep all important data in our computer and it has become extremely important to keep it safe to ensure longer life. So, the first step towards your computer's safety is keeping it in a secured and dustproof place, away from any jolt.

You have to purchase perfectly designed CPU holder that has a compact design. These tables not only will ensure safety of your computer but also give a compact look. You will be able to utilize the table for other paper works too.

Now, when you have a scientific CPU holder, you have to check other steps too. Make sure that the power outlet of your computer has proper and active ground connection to drain the extra current from the computer. Yes, it is very harmful for any electronic gadget and can damage your computer silently. You also can get a shock from the gadgets without a proper 'earth connection', if you touch it with bare feet. So, call an electrician and ask them to check your earth connection and take necessary action.

Proper ventilation is another important thing that mostly ignored by most of the computer users. Yes, it is very important to ensure proper ventilation that will maintain your computer's temperature and will confirm a longer life. Often high temperature effects computers performance and extreme temperature can even burn out your SMPS. So, if you don't have an air conditioner or if aren't from the cold countries, you must have to take care of this issue.

Regular maintenance of computer is another important issue. There are two types of maintenance for any computer - hardware maintenance and software maintenance. Here in this short article it is not possible to cover the software maintenance process. But, in case of hardware maintenance process you have include all the hardware from Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, CPU as well as UPS. You also have to clean you table, and other concerning parts regularly.

Whatever maintenance process you are about to start, you've to keep in mind that you should never use any wet cloth or any liquid. Use a plain dry brush to clean the computer as well as the table. Before starting the cleaning process, unplug all the equipments from the wall as well as the battery power supply. Never try to open any chassis of any parts to clean as those are highly technical and sensitive and should be handled only by experts. You should clean only the outer surface of the parts.

If you feel need, you can even use a blower to clean the parts as well as the Microdesk; but never use it directly in the inner parts of the computer. Use it on the outer surface or some mechanical parts only. After cleaning reconnect all the parts carefully and properly and then re-plug the connections properly. If you face any problem during this process, immediately call any expert.

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