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Simple Tasks Let You Perform Android Tablet Faster

by:UFO      2020-09-08

After a long time usage, Android Tablet PC tends to perform slower than the time it was out of box after first few weeks. It is not just a battery problem or a software problem that you keep simplifying by using different tricks and tips. The problem also relies upon how you have continued to handled the device, because you have changed the device structure as per own preferences, such as installed new apps, launchers, programs, rooting etc. All the implementation you make on tab happen to show its impact on its perform.

1. Monitor your processes via Task Manager

Task Manager is an important feature of your tablet. Prior to Android version 4, there was no such standard task manager installed. It refresh you app list that unknowingly running at background. Moreover, via task manager not all apps are completely closed, so to stop these hidden running applications, find Application option and from Setting menu and stop the running undesired app. Settings> Applications> Running (tab).

2. Use a startup cleaner

There are certain apps starts up default when you turn on a tablet. These default apps probably might installed by the developers or any telecom provider. These may be apps installed by you.

Get an Android application Startup Cleaner 2.0 on your Tab. Next time, when turn on the tab, all these processes that also turn on also will be identified. After identifying these apps you can remove the unwanted one. Important note, you should only stop or remove apps that won't prevent your gadget from normal startup. Stop or removals of necessary or supporting files apps result in damage of your Tab.

3. Clean your cache

Frequently cleaning Cache memory results in your device do perform faster. Most used tools and elements on Tablet get stored, which you possibly not require to be downloaded. Cache saves your time from browsing the internet, certainly webpage where you often browse. But some application unknowingly consume extra Cache. So it is advisable to clean and clear Cache on regular basis, after which you would definitely experience improvement in Tablet PC performance.

4. Avoid unnecessary synchronization

It is quiet difficult to identify application that sync and how often. To check out the sync, you can navigate Settings> Accounts & sync. However, there are few application that can still auto-sync. Such as email applications, or any of social networking apps or an app that delivers a notification when there's a change. In such case, you can navigate to setting menu and disable synchronization option.

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