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Selecting a UPS Technician for your Data Center

by:UFO      2020-09-09

One of the most important features of a data center is its ability to withstand power outages, surges and spikes. The main function of a data center is to keep its servers online. Servers are the backbone of a company's operations. Servers need power to run. If they go down, most companies today are pretty incapacitated. Downtime of even a day or more can severely impact a company's bottom line, if not put it permanently out of business.

Power outages don't only affect data center customers. Servers generate a lot of heat and require extensive cooling systems. Therefore, without power, a data center would find itself unable to perform its most basic functions.

There are numerous factors that need to be considered when building the power infrastructure of a data center, but power redundancy is one of the most important. A number of different techniques can allow data centers to make sure that the reliability of their power infrastructure remains intact.

Backup Power Supply

The backup power system installed within data centers should be highly redundant. They need to be maintained properly so that their dependability can be sustained at all times. Backup systems include generators, independent power stations and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) units.

Deciding upon which backup system manufacturer or brand to use can be a daunting task. That is why data centers spend a lot of time analyzing the advantages as well as disadvantages of various brands. To provide optimum service for customers, they must install the equipment that works best with all of their requirements.

However, a factor that of top importance is to choose the best service provider for a UPS system. The maintenance of UPS units is a complicated task and requires professional expertise. When a power outage occurs is not the time to find out UPS units have not been properly maintained. Therefore, choosing the best service technician is extremely important.

Overall Experience of a Technician

The first thing to do when choosing a technician is to consider his or her overall experience. References are the best way to assess the skills and experience. Contacting other data centers and asking them about the overall quality of services of a technician is also useful. Technician experience related to other specific equipment installed within your data center is also a benefit.

Specific UPS Equipment

Every brand of a UPS has different maintenance and repair procedures. That is why it is important to determine the experience of technician with a particular UPS brand. Technology upgrades occur frequently, and a technician needs to be up to date on latest developments. Hiring a company that provides different technicians for each type of UPS brand is a great way to ensure efficient service.

Manufacturer Affiliated UPS Technicians

There are some service companies that have agreements with specific UPS manufacturers. Therefore, their technicians are kept up to date in regards to that equipment's specific software and hardware upgrades. Hiring such a service company is beneficial for data centers. Technological upgrades are aimed at improving the performance of equipment, updating equipment as soon as upgrades are made available is necessary. A technician must be able to do this efficiently and quickly for best cost returns.

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