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Safety Precautions You Need To Keep In Mind When

by:UFO      2020-09-13

Fire accidents can happen anywhere. That is why all establishments should have fire fighting equipment installation. The occurrence of uncontrolled fire happens due to several causes. If only fire prevention were properly implemented, no accidental fire that destroys lives and property would result. However, as we see, even with utmost efforts, such disasters still take place. So, we resort to early fire detection whenever the unfortunate event cannot be avoided. The earlier a fire is discovered, the easier it can be dealt with. Smoke alarms are imperative in high risk areas. Even homes should have fire alarms.

In the event a fire is discovered, keep in mind that the safety of all the people in the affected place must be preserved. Evacuation of these people should be done as soon as possible. While it is true that only professionals and well-trained individuals should put out the fire, anybody who knows how to use installed industrial fire fighting equipment can smother the flames provided the blaze has not yet consumed a huge portion of an area, a room, an office, or a compartment. Do not hesitate. Do not wait for the flame to grow bigger before attempting to kill it. However, be reminded that this is only applicable for Class A fire or general fire.

Calling for fire brigade should not be delayed and keep in mind that you should not attempt to smother the blaze if in case you don't know what is causing it in the first place. Different materials can be fueling the flames. Fire that originates from wooden materials may be easily put out using water. But those caused by electrical equipment or explosive chemical reactions may be worsened by the spraying of water. Hence, it is imperative to call for immediate help. Nonetheless, supposing you are sure of the origin or the culprit of the blaze, be sure to be able to smother it using the appropriate type of fire extinguisher. Factories and laboratories should have trained personnel who know how to deal with such incidents. Also people working in these risky areas should learn how to put out fire before it spreads and grows bigger. Chemical laboratories and production areas with combustible and flammable materials are extremely susceptible to fire mishaps and so strict and stringent measures and precautions must be observed at all times. Fire could easily spread in these areas to consume any combustible material.

With fire smothering equipment at hand, make sure it works, as you cannot risk running to a blazing room only to discover you're carrying an old, dysfunctional extinguisher. Even with appropriate fire extinguisher, any person should not hurry to the affected area if the blaze has grown uncontrollably or spreading too fast. Keep in mind that the smoke can be stifling and you can be trapped in an area filled with toxic fumes and gases. This is one reason firefighters wear self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA). You certainly don't want to be included in the casualty list.

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