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Risky Business Specialty Wipes and Clean-Ups

by:UFO      2020-09-14

Careful consideration must be given to the possibility of serious accidents occurring in an industrial plant. With the various procedures that are ongoing in an industrial facility, a harried worker may slip, and the substances which he has been carrying could spill all over the work area. And since these substances and other materials can all contribute to health risks and pollution, extra precaution is needed to minimize the harm these would cause. In selecting the proper specialty wipes and wiping cloths to use during a spill clean-up, one of the key factors to bear in mind is the chemicals comprising the materials to be cleaned up.

Workers involved in clean-ups run various risks to their health. One of the most serious heat-related disorders is heat stroke. This occurs when a person's body temperature regulation fails to function properly, resulting to the rise of temperature to dangerously high levels. This is caused by a number of different factors, and its onset is often quite difficult to predict. Generally, the most easily-recognized indicators and symptoms of heat stroke are confusion; loss of consciousness; a lack of sweating; irrational behavior; convulsions; hot, dry skin; and an unusually high body temperature. The elevated metabolic temperatures caused by a combination of work load and environmental heat, both of which contribute to heat stroke, are also highly variable and difficult to predict. Heat stroke is a serious condition which can result in death.

Professional medical treatment should be obtained immediately as quickly as possible for an employee who may be suffering from heat stroke. The said employee should be brought to an area that is shaded and well-ventilated. The employee's outer clothing must be taken off to allow his temperature to cool down. Additionally, his skin should be wetted and air should be allowed to circulate in order to facilitate evaporative cooling. Whenever possible his body fluids should be replenished.

During major spills, when large amounts of toxic materials are released, a significant threat to public health becomes imminent due to the resulting concentrations of the substances within the immediate area. The amount of contamination may be so high that a brief of exposure to the substances may be sufficient to cause serious health problems. This becomes especially severe where large levels of toxic gases or vapors spread into the air. In these situations, the most vulnerable individuals would be emergency response personnel who come into the contaminated areas without adequate materials and instruments.

The pursuit of maintaining safety, productivity and cleanliness in the workplace should remain a top priority for establishments. In this regard, DAWG has endeavored to provide products and services over the course of more than twenty years. From its beginnings as a small spill control company, DAWG has become a large multi-brand supplier of products which are specially made for industrial safety, personal protection and building maintenance. DAWG offers a variety of specialty wipes and wiping cloths that provide security and protection specific to a particular establishment.

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