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Responsible Use of Lead Acid Batteries

by:UFO      2020-09-15

The modernization of everything under the sun has been said many times in many ways. The comfort and glamour these numerous innovations have brought in our lives are coupled with the potential threats to nature. But, there is always a way toward responsible use of lead-acid batteries.

According to California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB), 25 million registered vehicles in California alone use lead-acid batteries. It added that 17.5 pounds of lead and 1.5 gallons of sulfuric acid are the contents of an average battery. While avoiding the use of potentially harmful chemicals and other substances in order to create objects such as batteries is almost not viable, the user has a role in alleviating the short and long term effects of the production and wide use of these materials.

The improper use and disposal of these batteries has effects to both human and environment. The most common measure to prevent untoward incidents is to read the label or the instruction manual that comes with the battery. Different guidelines are set for batteries of different compositions. Recycling old batteries is the next perfect step. Retailers are mandated to accept old batteries every time a user buys a new one. Because these objects contain unusual substances, only those people knowledgeable on this matter should do the proper disposal.

Tubular battery

Another wise move of an intelligent battery user is to know the different types of battery. Tubular battery is composed of special plate grids carefully designed to last more than 1000 cycles of deep discharge at 80% discharge levels in its lifetime that can last up to ten years. The said battery also has ceramic vent plugs that hold the evaporation of water content. Tubular batteries are applicable in UPS systems requiring longer power, solar systems, backup system in power stations, and more.

AGM battery

Here is another battery that was made as an alternative to Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad) batteries. Although a bit costly, AGM battery or absorption glass mat has several advantages including its capability to be spill-free, maintenance-free, gas emission free and low-temperature tolerant . Its thin glass fibers hold the electrolyte, making it carry-safe. User needs not worry of proper ventilation because AGM battery does not give off gas when charged. However, overcharging may cause the battery's life to shorten.

Traction charger

Choosing the right battery for your equipment is one of the dos and don'ts in batteries. With an increasing market for traction batteries here comes a handful of providers offering traction battery chargers. Thus, choosing the right traction charger from a reliable dealer is equally important.

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