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Research says salt-containing solutions can improve safety of lithium ion batteries

by:UFO      2020-01-08

lithium battery is characterized by small volume, large power storage and long service life. Lithium ion batteries come in many forms and are widely used in various consumer products including mobile phones, notebooks, cameras, watches and clocks, medical equipment including cardiac pacemakers, and even military and aerospace equipment. Researchers at Cambridge University said in October that they had developed a new battery lithium- The efficiency of oxygen or air batteries can still reach 2000 After 90% charges. Researchers say it may take another 10 years for this battery to be commercialized.

according to Forbes, last week, researchers at the University of Maryland and the US Army Research Laboratory said they had developed a water salt (water-in-salt) Lithium ion batteries have the potential to reach a level comparable to ordinary lithium ion batteries in terms of service time and efficiency, but at the same time do not use toxic and environmentally polluting chemicals such as sulfuric acid, lead and cadmium. Production of relatively low-risk batteries will have a long-term impact on the environment and consumers. In April 2015, Tesla announced that it would set up a new business unit Tesla Energy to provide home battery solutions to consumers and businesses. This has triggered a heated discussion on the fast-growing energy storage market.

Forbes said that since Tesla's home battery solution has an order quantity of more than 100 thousand, a non-toxic lithium battery containing water may be a good product. These new types of batteries are especially suitable for applications with energy demand reaching kilowatt or megawatt levels, such as electric vehicles, etc. Their great use may lie in applications that attach great importance to battery safety and toxicity, for example, safe and non-flammable batteries for aircraft, naval ships, and spacecraft.

researchers said that the use of high-concentration lithium salt electrolyte based on water was a breakthrough, which changed the chemical process of the battery and made a thin protective film on the anode. The protective film is crucial to the stability of the battery and to achieve the same performance as the existing lithium ion battery.

According to Edward ·Schaeffer (Edward Shaffer) He said that this discovery can improve the safety of batteries. He said that the application of the new battery includes equipment carried and worn by soldiers, as well as safer and smaller energy storage devices for space-limited equipment such as submarines.

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