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Renata The Worldwide Leading Producer of Button

by:UFO      2020-09-16

Renata manages the whole production process of punched battery house. Over the injection molded synthetic seal and the sourcing of the battery component up to the final assembly. Through this high production depth Renata earned itself a reputation as an extremely flexible and reliable supplier of batteries.

The consistence high quality and the power of the button cells is not lastly a result of the reliable quality assurance system of Renata. This includes the complete production process from the inspection of incoming raw materials right through the testing to finished products.

Renata lithium batteries are used for different applications i.e. computer, automobile industries, telecommunications, medical industry and in an increasing number of portable device like calculators, pens and toys

Renata Lithium batteries meet the highest quality standards and offer excellent reliability.

Advantages of Renata Batteries

Normal voltage of 3V, approx, twice of the voltage level of alkaline button cells

Wide operating temperature range depending on battery model

Best partical capacity/ volume ratio.

Superior leakage resistance

Environmental friendly do not contain toxic substances

No air transport restrictions

Renata's comprehensive assortment of over 40 different watch battery types, mostly of the silver oxide 1.55 V systems, offers a suitable power source for any electronic device requiring an ultra-compact, long lasting, low voltage power source. Renata's professional expertise is worth having on your side.

Renata Batteries are worldwide leading producer of button cells for electronic applications. They produce a wide range of products such as silver oxide batteries for wrist watches, zinc air batteries for hearing aids, and also lithium-3V-button-cells for the consumer industrial, industries and for telecommunication, medical and PCs uses.

The consistent high quality and power of the button cells is a result of the reliable quality assurance system at Renata and begins with the inspection of incoming raw materials right through the testing to the finished product.

Now that Ewing Components, Inc. has been established we are off and running and things have been going very well with the transition we have a 100% on time delivery rating and our QC department is fully functional. I expect to be signing on new lines as we move forward to provide our customers a more diverse supplier of products and services so please keep checking back with us.

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