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rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO

rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO

Rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO

Lithium 36V10Ah battery pack
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Enterprise Strength
  • UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY has insisted on the service principle to be responsible and efficient, and has established a rigorous and scientific service system to provide quality services for consumers.
Application Scope
Lifepo4 Battery, excellent in quality, is often used in automobiles, motorcycles, tractors, diesel engines and other products.UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY is able to meet customers' needs to the greatest extent by providing customers with one-stop and high-quality solutions.
Company Advantages
1. UFO lithium ion battery pack innovatively designed with the more aesthetic look and improved functionality.
2. It's hard to make any damage to our rechargeable battery pack during cleaning.
3. Thanks to the design of lithium ion battery pack , rechargeable battery pack plays an important role in this field.
4. Due to its energy efficiency, the product consumes little energy. This will directly translate to savings on electricity bills.

Lithium battery pack 36V10Ah for small device

rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO-1
rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO-2
rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO-3



General parameter


Nominal Voltage


Nominal Capacity




Internal Resistance




Constant discharge current

     Peak discharge current: 50A(5ms)

Constant charge current:


Recommend discharge operation temperature range:


Recommend charge operation temperature range



Dimensions (L x W x H)




Case :

Epoxy plate + PVC

Cell Type

Chemistry Cylindrical/Prismatic- LiFePO4

Maximum Modules in parallel:



UFO battery is a professional Lithium ion battery and power solution provider since  2005.

UFO designs, develops and manufactures .

rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO-4


Overcharge detection function
Over discharge detection function
Over current detection function
Short detection function
Temperature detection function
Balance function
Other function according to your requirements
Samsung cell 25r


We  provide one stop solutions to various field and professionaly tech supoprt since 2005  ,Fully automatic intelligent production equipment,

combined with automation control technology and  lithium battery

rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO-5


Line vision control technology, smart robots to realize "whole line equipment + robot + software control" Intelligent

rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO-6
rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO-7
rechargeable battery pack with automation control technology for solar street light UFO-8

Company Features
1. SHENZHEN UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has been committed to manufacturing rechargeable battery pack when it was built.
2. We have many employees work in our R&D units. They always cooperate with other peer R&D institution or agencies in China to improve themselves and come up with the best innovations.
3. Professional after-sales service and UFO brand lithium ion battery pack will satisfy you. Get info! In addition to seeking business development, we still strive to make a positive impact on our local communities. We use locally based resources rather than outsourcing them, hence, in this way, we can protect the home-grown jobs. Get info! To create a healthy world, firstly, we will responsibly handle wastes in line with requirements; secondly, we will make all efforts to cut energy waste and conserve resources during the production processes.
Love this company, I’ve owned and use the fan model for years which is the only reason I trusted them to buy an electronic model because I’ve had trouble with multiple cheap electric models made by other companies.
I keep this in my suite case for travel and LOVE it
We use this on our boat to replace the fan we have at home. Perfect!
I bought this for my daughter for my 2 month old grandson, she said it worked....it was amazing. I wanted to purchase one for my house too. When I purchased this on Tuesday the price was $26 when I put it in my cart today it was $34, why such a big increase in just 3 days?
Small and convenient, but it did not hold a charge after the first few times. Rather it held a charge, but 3/4 of the way through the night it clicked off. That being said, it is easy to use by plugging in. Sound is good!
I like that it is small so doesn't take up much space. Provides a soothing white noise to help drown out a noisy household.
Louder than the plug in dohm. Honestly you could get away with just having the portable one
I like that it is compact and portable, good battery life but the I have to hold the on and off button for about 10 seconds to get it to turn on.
Life saver!!!!!!
This is the perfect travel size sound machine. I have taken this machine on multiple trips, to friend's places, and even strolling through Disney! It's worth every penny!
Used for napping. P
Just delivered this afternoon and already have used 3 times with my 7 week old! I highly recommend this product for parents!
10months of continual use at night or on car seat. And it has always worked perfectly!! Def recommend to anyone!
hard to turn on but god do you sleep good when you cant hear the kids crying constantly
happy with sound and ease of use
V artificial sounding and annoyingly tricky to turn on !! But convenient size and design. For travel
LOVE LOVE LOVE this machine. we were addicts of the DOHM, and love that this one is way smaller! -- and it's actually a lot louder too.
I can't sleep without white noise. I have the regular machine and this portable one is nice to have on the go.
Works great!
Falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer. Lightweight and compact. Ocean waves very soothing. Zzzzzzzz?
Works great! Helps baby nap much better, she used to only take 20-30 naps, using this has increased her naps to 2-3 hours now... thank GOD!
absolutely wonderful to take on vacation. Always helps to block out noise in areas around hotel rooms, other bedrooms in a relatives house or wherever white noise (or other sounds) might be needed to help focus on whatever you may needs to be doing, or relax you to sleep.
This works great!! I also use it for my dog so he does not bark at night!!
I used this sound machine while traveling with very loud family. It helped block out a lot of the sound. I highly recommend.
Noisy but effective. Good at blocking sounds coming into a room or going out. Good for privacy. Not the best to sleep to.
I like the product and what it does, I dont like that I feel like I have to press the buttons too long for one of them to work.
This works great.
This is great -- although only three sounds to chose from, volume is loud and it's compact.
my new favorite baby gift
This should be included in every Newborns Must Have List! This is a dream, thank you for making such an amazing product!
I love this product I live by it.
Great sound, definitely able to travel with it. Battery life is still not known to me but it's at least great for one night fully charged.
This product is great. It is small and compact and works great for our son who has bad dreams
Great product so I don't have to pack my larger at-home unit in trips. It needs a simple on-off button though which is why I took away some stars. As it is, there are too many buttons that have to be held a few seconds to lock or unlock, then press again to turn on. What a hassel. Just s simple on/off button please!
Awesome product. We use it for hotel stays. Drowns out noise and helps us sleep like baby’s.
Highly recommend for parents needing help with getting infant to sleep. I love that this is portable and rechargable. Used a USB adapter to plug into the wall so I don't have to charge on the PC. The sounds are of high quality and the night light works great! Such a time saver for me. The only slightly annoying thing is the three second hold to turn on and off. Sometimes I'm holding baby trying to rock her to sleep and have to bend down to where I have it plugged in to turn on. Would be nice if it was quick. But I won't downgrade it because it is truly a great product! It's worked over 11 hours for me in one sitting. Love that it continually plays and it doesn't impact my sleep at all.
I can't live without this machine! It knocks my daughter right out!!!
Great for the office. Wish it came in black
Ordered two of these for a vacation with kids. They are fantastic! They are louder than I thought they'd be and were perfect for what we needed. They don't come with a plug base, so make sure you have one.
Volumes adjust is lovely feature. Can go Louder than a regular noise machine. My daughter sleeps undisturbed.
Works really well. Nice and small
Not too bad, but not as great as a white sound app/YouTube video
Perfect!! I love that it has 3 different sounds and a volume control and locking feature!! We have the Marpac white noise machine that has the actual fan in it for our nursery. Our son can't sleep without it. So we bought this for when we are out and he needs a nap or for travel to grandma's. It is perfect!! It's actually MUCH louder than the other one we have that has the fan. The 3 different sounds are great. I have nothing negative to say about it!
Take it with me when I travel. Perfect!
Great sound and bass but turns off randomly at times.
It worked perfect. Stayed in a hotel and made sleeping easier.
This little thing is exactly what I wanted and more. I am a very light sleeper. Everything wakes me up at night. We got an air filter that makes noise and I turn it all the way up to help me sleep through bumps in the night, but I still wake up a lot because they made it to be fairly quiet, even on high. Generally it's fine though. I have to go out of town for a month and stay in a hotel and I was starting to worry that there was no way I would be able to get any sleep there, but then I found this portable Marpac Rohm. (Hotels are hell for me, not only because I am a light sleeper, but because I am not a morning person. You know those people who get up at 7 am even on vacation? Those people ruin my mornings). Anyway, I started using this machine right away because I wanted to know ahead of time if it was going to work for me on our trip and I just love it! The volume is adjustable from something akin to "butterflies wings" all the way up to "can't hear myself think", which is really incredible for something so small. I'd guess it's about the size of one earpiece on a full-sized headphone set, if that gives you an idea. It charges up using any micro usb (there is also one supplied). It comes with a little rope so you can hang it up if you want to, or you can just lay it down, speaker side up on your night stand. I actually find that I like the way it works better when it's hanging up. I'd say it probably goes for about two 8-hour cycles on one charge, but you do not want to risk it running out of power before you are ready to wake up because it makes a really loud click sound when it powers off by itself. I let that happen and it woke me up and scared the heck out of me. I am confident that this little device is going to help me sleep better in hotels, and I wish I had found it sooner!
Very difficult to turn on and off. You have to remember to push a certain combination of buttons and press and hold for several seconds. WAAAAAY too much to remember for a sleep-deprived parent who wants to simply and quickly turn it on. It has some sort of child lock on the buttons, which seems useless because if the child is holding it then they are not sleeping.
Can't sleep without a rohm so having a travel version is great. This one is even louder than the larger home version.
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