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Quickly understand lithium ion batteries

by:UFO      2020-01-09

First of all, we should know the charging and discharging principle of lithium ion battery. The battery has two poles: the positive electrode is lithium compound and the negative electrode is graphite.

charging and discharging are the mutual conversion of electrical energy and chemical energy, and lithium ions are also becoming different compounds during the movement of positive and negative electrodes.

we can regard lithium ion as a car with electric charge: when charging, due to the action of electric field, all the cars are driven to the negative pole to store certain energy (Lithium ion embedded into graphite carbon layer micropores of negative electrode); During discharge, these charged lithium ion cars ran to the positive electrode due to chemical reaction ( Lithium ion deblocking, so that the positive electrode is in a lithium-rich state). In this process, current supply is formed.

In the ideal state, as long as the chemical structure of the positive and negative electrode materials basically does not change, the reversibility of battery charging and discharging is very good, and the lithium ion battery can ensure long-term circulation.

fast charging is mainly to ensure that lithium ions are quickly embedded from the positive electrode and quickly embedded into the negative electrode, and cannot cause lithium ion deposition.

but when the current increases, the negative electrode (Graphite)Surface of a layer of semipermeable membrane (SEI membrane) There will be a certain degree of rupture, so that the electrode material and the electrolyte react with each other. In addition, the temperature rise will also cause side reactions inside the battery to destroy the chemicals on the battery, resulting in reduced reversibility (The lithium-ion car can't go back and forth)The battery capacity will continue to decrease.

lithium battery charging is divided into three parts: constant current pre-charging (CCPre-charge)High current constant current charging (CC Fast Charge)And constant voltage charging (CV).

The voltage of the mobile phone decreases after it consumes light. When it is lower than a certain value, the charger will precharge the lithium battery with a relatively low current. After a period of time, after the lithium battery voltage is higher than the predetermined value, it enters the second stage of large current constant current charging. At this time, appropriately increasing the current can speed up the charging speed.

If you are using a non-fast charging phone, the fast charging head will not output a large voltage to burn your phone. Just like when you charge the iPhone with the iPad charging head, the iPad will automatically recognize and input 1A current instead of the original 2A.

According to many protection measures, the charging voltage and current of fast charging are in a safe state. As long as the original mobile phone charging adapter is used, there will be no potential safety hazard.


will fast charging affect battery life?

The answer is yes.

even if the batteries equipped on some fast-charging mobile phones are improved in terms of cell materials and design, lithium ions can be quickly embedded and embedded in the batteries, however, high voltage and current still cause battery losses.

but if you are used to changing a mobile phone in a year or two or are willing to change a new battery, the impact will be minimal for you.

at present, most of the companies providing fast charging solutions have not given their impact on battery life from the perspective of batteries, however, under the national standard, after 500 times of battery charging and discharging, the battery capacity above 80% is qualified, which has little effect on the use within one year.

If you want to use your phone without replacing the battery 2- In 4 years, the following suggestions may help you:

reduce the number of times of fast charging and only use it when in urgent need; Charge quickly when the electricity is only about 30% instead of 3%; When using fast charging, do not run large memory games.

with the upgrading of smart phones faster and faster, are you more willing to abandon the convenient technology of shortening battery life and enjoying fast charging under the condition of guaranteed safety?

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