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Queequeg Renewables plans to deploy 2GWh battery energy storage system in the UK


The Danish renewable energy consulting agency K2 Management issued a warning in a research report a few days ago that if the UK does not provide more financial incentives to promote energy storage deployment, it may not be able to achieve the goal of adopting 100% clean energy by 2035. K2 Management Company called on the British government to introduce rate incentives to attract investors to provide funds for the deployment of large-scale energy storage systems, and to upgrade solar and wind power assets to a level sufficient to meet the country's energy needs. An analyst at the company pointed out that another solution might be to establish a contract for difference (CfD) mechanism, similar to a system that guarantees the return of solar power generation facilities, without putting public finances into the risk of excessive losses.

Queequeg Renewables plans to deploy 2GWh battery energy storage system in the UK

Compared with the message conveyed by the UK, the host of the COP26 climate change summit, which is keen to demonstrate its clean energy qualifications, K2 Management recently issued a press release stating: “The growth of renewable energy in the UK is at its lowest level since 2010. "

The company also called on the UK to take new measures to speed up the development of wind power, and pointed out that the lack of energy storage incentives partly explains why the UK will be short of clean energy power in a decade.

Gary Bills, the company’s project manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, said: “In addition to planning restrictions on wind farms, the UK also needs to deploy more energy storage systems. In the past few weeks, the renewable energy industry has been driven by high oil prices. As well as the challenges posed by the high energy bills for consumers, they have been criticized. But only through a substantial increase in the mechanism of unlocking the potential of energy storage can renewable energy begin to make meaningful base load power contributions-including a series of financing Energy storage technology.


To this end, we must incentivize investment in energy storage technology-through rate expansion or contract for difference (CfD) mechanisms, which enable us to co-locate storage at the locations of new and existing wind farms and solar farms. Energy system, and provide clean energy outside the intermittent power generation window of renewable energy.

In addition, it is reported that Queequeg Renewables, a clean energy developer headquartered in London, announced a few days ago that it plans to deploy a battery energy storage system with a total energy storage capacity of 2GWh in the UK. The energy storage capacity of each energy storage system is 20 to 480MWh. The company also plans to Deploy an energy storage system for a solar farm with a total installed capacity of 1.3GW.

Queequeg Renewables plans to deploy 2GWh battery energy storage system in the UK

At the latest COP26 climate change conference in Glasgow, London's clean energy developer Queequeg Renewables announced the company's GW-level solar and battery project plan details.

Image Credit: Neil Davidson, Low Carbon Communications

The company stated that it is "coming soon" to submit planning applications for the first batch of projects (10-50 MW scale) of the 1.3 GW solar project. At the same time, a 2 GWh "independent" battery factory will be built to provide grid capacity and balancing services. The first project will be built "in the next few months."

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