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PV Solar Systems - Building Our Own Power House

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There is a new type of Solar array or photoelectric solar cells. 

The Photovaltaics or simply PV this solar cell is made up of Silicons in crystalline form with little cadmium telluride. And little copper indium sulfide or copper indium selenide. These solar arrays work on the principle of Einstein's photoelectric effect which won him the Nobel Prize. When Sun light falls on these PV solar systems, the device convents the heat energy into electrical energy and thus produces electricity. Semiconductors are used for manufacturing of the PV solar systems. This is because Semiconductors have most number of valance electrons. The process by which these semiconductors are made is known as Czochralski process. These semiconductors are produced using silicon. The amount of electrical energy produced is directly proportional to the number of Solar cells used.

The human race should fall back to using the renewable source of power because all the fuels through which we are generating power are all going to run out in another hundred years from now on. So for power generation renewable energy sources are the only one which can provide us a long term solution. The PV solar systems are one such renewable energy source which uses sun as its energy source. The main advantage of this PV solar system is that you can build it yourself. It will be a funny experience as well as exciting experience building the PV solar system ourselves. This kit costs around less that Dollar two hundred; you can also get the manuals from eBay website. You can cut down the cost if you can buy few things yourself from the local hardware stores.

Based on your need you can decide the number of solar cells to be used in the PV solar systems. For building a small mobile phone charger one Solar cell will be good enough. You can also add a battery to the design which will store the electrical energy for later use. This PV solar system with the battery gives you more stability because it provides you provision to store the power and provides you a constant output voltage. However, a design without batteries will have fluctuations in its output voltage.

More the solar cells more the generation capacity of your PV solar System. To maximize the power generation you need to maintain the angle at which the sun rays falls on the solar panel at ninety degrees. This can be archived by having a motor attached to the panels which can tilt the move it according to the position of the sun and maintain a ninety degrees angle between the panel and the sun rays. This will in turn increase the efficiency of the power generation in the PV solar systems. There are motors available in the market which can turn up to 320 degrees. You can also use reflectors in a large number to focus on one particular solar cell which will also help you increase the power production coefficient.



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