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Power Over Ethernet Technology

by:UFO      2020-09-22

Today, almost all the modern devices like wireless LAN access points, webcams, digital clocks, analog clocks etc. use the PoE technology. This technology helps these devices to receive data over the cabling. They can also receive power over the LAN cable.

PoE can be called as the further enhancement to the existing Ethernet standards. But, it doesn't require much changes to the older Ethernet cabling or equipments. Only, the power injector needs to be added to the LAN cables. This technology can be used with both the powered and the non-powered Ethernet devices. This also helps to prevent the Ethernet from getting any kind of damage to the existing equipment.

The other uses of this technology include saved time and installation cost. For projects whose cost runs in millions, this can help to save a lot of money. POE also helps to provide UPS backup. UPS stands for uninterrupted power supply. It provides a regular power when there is a failure in the power supply. This was a major problem with the old serial devices. In these devices, whenever there was a power loss, a lot of data was lost. However, this is not the case with the latest devices. These have power injectors installed in them. The latest ones come with a power limit of 15.4 watts. Clocks and signs can be easily operated with these devices.

The latest example of this technology is the PoE clocks. These clocks are used in big organizations like companies, schools etc. These differ from the battery operated clocks. These do not need to be adjusted or synchronized from time to time. Also, these do not need to be monitored for the battery replacements or other minor replacements.

Similarly, poe keypad is also more useful than the regular keypad. These can receive data and power directly from any part of the network. These can be perfectly synchronized to any part of the network by using a POE injector. These can even be used to receive data from different and wide locations across the network. These also require very little wattage and do not damage the existing network cabling in any way.

The biggest benefit of the power over Ethernet is that this technology allows for a centralized power backup. This helps all the POE keypad to be operated from a centralized point. Also, if further keypads are to be added, they can be directly linked to the center point. This makes this technology even more advantageous than the other technologies.

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