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Power Over Ethernet Facts

by:UFO      2020-09-23

Powers over Ethernet (PoE) injectors are devices used to supply power to network devices like wireless access points, network cameras, IP phones etc. through a network cable. In addition, if they are supplied with a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), they provide continuous operation and also remove most of the power interruptions. This in turn helps to decrease the business downtime.

The usage of PoE injector technology provides scalability and flexibility to the networking infrastructure. The best feature of this technology is its ability to install endpoints in any location. This in turn helps to gear the infrastructure for an efficient growth. They are the best and the most cost effective solution for power supply over ports.

Additional PoE power sources are called as midspans or PoE injector. These power injectors are mainly used to offer full power to the endpoint devices. These are mostly used with different types of PoE switches in a network. Their main work is to pass data from these switches and also inject safe and reliable power across all the ports based on the industry standards. They eliminate the need for additional power cables and thus reduce the overall wire costs. They also simplify the troubleshooting process.

The PoE technology can be used directly or indirectly by almost all the devices. The PoE family includes splitters, switches, injectors, ports etc. to suit the needs of various devices. The splitters are mainly used to convert the input voltage to the required voltage that suits the requirements of a non-PoE device. However, their use is mostly restricted to the older network products that accept power and data through jack. They can also be used in conjunction with injectors and switches.

While buying a PoE injector, always keep in mind that the manufacturing and designing company understands your power requirements and also provides enterprise level solutions. A company which has more number of members on the IEEE (PoE) committee is always better because it is they who define the new and safe PoE standards. They ensure that the designs manufactured meet the present as well as the future specifications for PoE. Also, keep in mind to select a manufacturer who designs, manufactures and tests its own products. Make sure that the injector you are buying has high speed, user friendly and a common interface to access the management console. Such best in class midspans or injectors will surely help you to enhance your switched networks.

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