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Power outage: Are Lithium (LiFePO4) battery the answer?


Solar+Storage” is a wonderful technology, and the lower electric bills and environmental protection are meaningful. Adding lithium-ion batteries to your solar system creates an innovative pattern for solar energy and adds energy independence to that mix. Sudden blackouts, leaving residents without a power supply, or area always being hit by outage that last for days, or far away from grids? So, what is the better solution for most homeowners?

Diesel and natural gas-powered generators have long been the choice for many families and businesses who would like to ensure the electric appliances stay on even if there is a blackout in the neighborhood. But now, a innovative and more eco-friendly alternative solution of “solar+storage” is gaining more popularity. An increasing number of people are considering cleaner battery options like UFO Lithium-ion battery for energy storage. With a properly engineered system of solar and battery for storage, the electric appliances can stay on and be used without worry about power outage. It could be more comfortable to go through the harsh storms or utility problems.In addition, solar system can be designed for long term use to provide reliable uninteruptible power in period without utility power. By utilizing renewable solar or wind, it is cost-effective and provides less polltution than the diesel generators.

According to forecasts by BloombergNEF, by 2050 solar and wind will supply almost half the world’s electricity, bringing to an end an energy era dominated by coal and gas. There is a key point to note: It can not happen without energy storage. Batteries play a important role because it is a reliable means of supplying power and storing the energy that generated from solar and wind.

When the blackouts occur, go off-grid, or stay connected with the grid and set up a power backup system? It depends. What is the benefits of them? 

The benefits of going off-grid 

Off-grid means that you are not connected to any electricity. When it comes to electricity, you either have to generate your own or live without any electricity at all. First, it is Self-sufficient Power Supply. If the regions is inconvenient to get access to grid, an off-grid system could help a lot. People in blackout-prone regions are interested in off-grid solar because it can make lights run, electric appliances stay on and much more. In addition, it is environmental friendly. Going off-grid reduces carbon emissions. Since most of the electricity supplied through the grid comes from burning fossil fuels, generating your own electricity through renewable resources (solar, wind, hydro) can help make a greener world.

The backup power solution instead of going off-grid

If you are in an area that sometimes suffer from sudden blackout, a easier and efficient way to protect yourself from blackout is a grid-tied solar system with lithium-in battery backup. Battery backup is key. With lithium battery backup for solar system, it means that you can connect to the utility grid and the backup battery are able to supply power during power outages. UFO LiFePO4 Powerwall battery can be used as backup power and is a good choice for solar energy storage. 

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