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Polymer lithium ion battery operating safety technical regulations

by:UFO      2020-05-09
Due to the lithium polymer battery belongs to the flexible packaging, in order to guarantee the performance of the battery is not compromised, avoid accidents, must strictly abide by the following safety operation rules. 1

1, about the packing materials, aluminum foil packaging materials easily by the sharp parts damage, such as nickel, needle tip. 2, ban with sharp parts collision cell 3, should be clean working environment, there are 4, avoid the sharp parts banned with nails and other sharp piercing cell 5, it is forbidden to battery and metal, such as necklaces, hairpins, and other transport or storage, together with the 2, about the four sides of 1, 2, top sealing side is very easy to damage to ban bent cap sealing side 3, 1, folding folding in battery production process has been completed, and through the sealing test. 2, the forbidden or destroy ruffled 4, 1 very ears, ear not extremely strong mechanical strength, especially in the aluminum. 2, ban bending pole ear

5 1, prohibit to fall, impact, mechanical impact, bending batteries, 2, 3, with hammer or trample batteries are prohibited rap or throw battery 6 1, at any time to ban short circuit, short circuit batteries, it leads to batteries 2 damaged, banning is negative with metals such as wire short circuit connected batteries

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