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Polymer lithium ion battery charge and discharge

by:UFO      2020-05-17
1, charging

charging current and charging voltage shall not exceed the following criteria, such as more than a specified value may be in the charge and discharge properties, mechanical properties and safety of batteries cause damage, could lead to a fever and leakage. 1, the battery charger must be able to constant current constant voltage; 2, of monomer battery charging current when charging must be below 1 c; 3, charging temperature range in 0 ~ + 45 ℃; 4, charging voltage cannot be more than 4. 23V。 2, discharge

discharge current shall not exceed the following standards, discharge should be carried out within the scope of this standard. 1, monomer battery discharge current must be less than 2 c; 2, when the discharge temperature range in - 20~+60℃; 3, monomer battery discharging termination voltage not less than 2. 75v。 3, overdischarge

it is important to note that during the batteries is not used for a long time, it may be possible to use the self-discharge characteristics and in some discharge condition. To prevent the occurrence of a discharge, batteries shall charge on a regular basis and maintain its voltage at 3. More than 0 v. Over discharge can lead to loss of batteries, battery performance function. Note: cannot be over discharge to monomer battery is lower than 2. 5v。

4, concrete should be in accordance with the requirements of setting and qualified in the application of protection circuit board.

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