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Polymer lithium battery in the use, storage, transportation matters needing attention

by:UFO      2020-05-18
Polymer lithium battery is compared with the ordinary safer lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion batteries in general normal use won't cause the electrolyte leakage ( Gel electrolyte) And fever, combustion and explosion, and so on and so forth. But there is still a potential safety hazard under extreme or man-made destruction, it is 'the trees may prefer calm but the wind will not subside' for polymer battery, in order to avoid the occurrence of the above situation, in the use of polymer battery, storage and transportation should be paid attention to in the items are: one, use 1, moistureproof, can't make a battery into water. 2, fire prevention, ban placed the battery in the heat source, heat source such as fire, heater, microwave oven, pressure vessel, etc. 3, heat protection, prohibited under high temperature ( Such as strong light, high temperature in the car) Use for a long time or place. 4, loss prevention, remove the battery is not allowed while visiting, as for damage to the battery is prohibited to use phenomenon. 5, prevent short circuit, such as direct welding battery, they assemble battery/battery behavior to ban. 2, 1, charged state storage aspects: like ordinary lithium ion battery, with 40 ~ 60% for the best, say from voltage, keep in 36 ~ 39 ℃. 2, environmental temperature: ( 1) , short-term storage ( 3 months or less) -, storage temperature 20 ~ 35 ℃, relative humidity of 45-85%. ( 2) , long-term storage (> 3 months) , storage temperature 20 + / - 5 ℃, relative humidity 65 + / - 20% RH in the environment. 3, transport in polymer battery should be within the range of 30% ~ 40% or 50% of transportation charged condition.
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