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Polymer lithium battery charge and discharge the related parameters

by:UFO      2020-05-18
Lithium-ion polymer battery with conventional lithium ion battery charging and discharging characteristics of the same, but in the concrete parameters will be slightly different, according to the current polymer lithium battery general technical level, the charge and discharge and the self-discharge process parameters should be set up. A charging, charging 1, lithium battery charger should comply with the lithium battery used in the three phase characteristics, can possess and complete beforehand, constant current and constant voltage charging battery three stages. To this end, the original charger is the best choice. 2, environmental temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃. 3, charge cut-off voltage: 4. 2 v, even multiple charging battery core in series combination, also want to use balance charging ways, ensure that only the batteries voltage does not exceed 4. 2V。 4, the charging current: if it is in urgent need 0 cases available. 2 c, generally no more than 1 c. 2, 1, environment temperature, discharge discharge, that is, the working state of the polymer lithium battery, temperature requirements for - at this time 20~60℃。 2, discharging termination voltage: at present, the common standard is 2. 75 v, and some can be set to 3 v. 3, the discharge current: lithium-ion polymer battery also has a large current, large capacity, such as type, polymer lithium battery can be high-power discharge current should be controlled within the range of product specification. Third, self-discharge usually think, polymer lithium battery in the storage state of charge between 40 ~ 60% in the most appropriate, and of course, this is impossible to remain, for example, mobile phone is usually hit the tip under the condition of charging. Spare lithium polymer batteries will be plagued by self-discharge, long self-discharge will cause discharge, therefore, should be self-discharge in hedging. 1, recharge regularly, make its voltage at 3. 6 v ~ 3。 Between 9 v, lithium batteries because there is no memory effect can charge at any time. 2, to ensure that the discharge end voltage is not breached, if in the process of using the electricity shortage alarm, should firmly stop using the corresponding equipment.
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