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Police Emergency Lights - Getting The Nuances Right

by:UFO      2020-09-24

Police emergency lights come in all shapes and sizes. It is easy to get confused when you are picking the emergency light equipment because of all the variety available. However, it is important to get the nuances right to make sure that the equipment actually works for you. There are many facets of emergency lighting and unless you get them correctly, you cannot expect the kind of reliability or resilience that is expected from these lights in critical situations. One of the things you have to take note of, for example, is the structural platform of the lighting equipment. Anodized, die cast or extruded aluminium platform is the most popular choice considering that it helps in dissipating the heat efficiently while also providing structural rigidity. Besides, aluminium is lightweight too. ABS or polycarbonate is also used in some cases for the housing.

When you want to get the right quality for police emergency lights, you must be careful enough to check the operational ease of the lighting equipment. The operational ease is enhanced with many different features. For example, good emergency lights come with an illuminated switch panel with several different switches. There are push button switches for turning the power supply on and off. There are rotary and slide position switches which help you in accessing different functions available. Backlit panels can be helpful in operational ease especially during the night. Scan Lock mechanism for flash pattern selection is another important feature to look for, as it helps in picking the right flash pattern during an emergency and operate it.

Good police emergency lights can be distinguished easily from the average ones based on the optical elements and technology in use as well. Emergency lights which tend to be more effective are those designed for wider optics with the use of toughened polycarbonate lenses and UV resistant wide-optics domes. The domes with smooth exteriors and reflectors can help in sending out beams over a longer distance. The use of lenses, deflectors and mirrors enhances the actual lighting from the LED elements. So, a good look at the optical technology of the equipment will tell you whether it will come good during an emergency.

Police emergency lights can be distinguished through the flexibility they offer in terms of usage. The flexibility is in the form of where you mount them, how you mount them and how the lighting parameters can be used during an emergency. Good equipment comes with special knobs to alter the angle of the beam, the projection of the beam and the temperature too. As far as mounting is concerned, you need flexibility in terms of mounting height and mounting angle. A good example is offered by the swivel and bail brackets. You can adjust the height to make sure you get visibility. Some light bars come with gyratory strobes which can provide 360-degree vision. The flash patterns, especially the quad bursts can enhance visibility even on foggy days to help you send a perceivable warning signal from the emergency vehicle.

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