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New water salt Lithium Ion battery available: higher safety level

by:UFO      2020-01-10

we all know that lithium ion batteries have the characteristics of small volume, large storage capacity and long service life. This kind of battery is much better than Germany's sunshine battery in many forms, such as being applied to different consumer devices such as smart phones, notebook computers, cameras and smart watches, it is also used in medical equipment such as cardiac pacemakers, even military and aviation equipment.

In October this year, researchers from Cambridge University said that they had created a brand-new lithium- Oxygen or air battery, even after 2000 charges, its efficiency is still as high as 90%. Researchers say it may take about 10 years for this kind of battery to be applied to commercial equipment.

new water-salt lithium ion batteries are available: higher safety level

and just last week, researchers from the US Army Research Laboratory said, they have successfully developed a water-salt lithium battery, which can not only provide the same life and efficiency as traditional lithium ion batteries, moreover, toxic and environmentally harmful chemicals such as sulfuric acid, lead and cadmium are not required.

making less toxic and less harmful batteries will have long-term effects on the environment and consumers. In April this year, Tesla announced that they would start a new business unit-- Tesla Energy and providing consumers with household and enterprise battery solutions have also triggered heated discussions on the rapidly changing market of Energy storage.

It is understood that the order volume of Tesla's home battery solution has exceeded 100 thousand so far. From this point of view, non-toxic water-salt lithium ion batteries should be considered a good thing. This new type of battery can be specifically applied to fields requiring kilowatt or megawatt levels, such as electric vehicles and even grid storage and collection systems.

of course, the large application of this kind of battery may be in places where the safety and toxicity of batteries are very high, such as aircraft, naval vessels or spacecraft, and non-flammable batteries.

The new water-salt lithium battery is available: the safety level is higher

researchers believe that, using a high concentration of aqueous electrolyte can change the chemical reaction inside the battery and create a thin protective film on the anode electrode. This protective film is a key point to maintain the stability of the battery and achieve the same high performance as the current lithium ion battery. Therefore, this is a very remarkable breakthrough.

According to Edward Shaffer, head of the energy and electricity department of the US Army Research Laboratory, this discovery may lead to safer chemical and environmentally friendly batteries. For example, he said that the application of the new battery will include equipment carried by soldiers, and it can also be used to reduce the space occupied by energy storage devices, such as equipment with limited space such as submarines.

In addition, the research team from the University of Maryland also participated in the research. The team was led by Chunsheng Wang, an associate professor in the Department of Chemistry and biomolecular engineering. They said, this work can double the voltage/power of the battery, which represents a great progress for researchers in the history of water-based batteries. Their research results will be published in the journal Science.

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