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New Product Launch- UFO BATTERY Unveils the 500Wh Lithium Portable Power Station


When your neighborhood suffering power outages that last a few days, or you are keen on camping, RV life or you simply want some convenience on a enjoyable family outdoor recreation, electricity certainly has already drawn your attention. Thinking to ease concerns of power supply? As a leader of lithium battery for over a decade, UFO BATTERY would like to give you an ideal answer in this particular field in this spring 2020, Today, we are excited to launch a powerful new product allowing you to better enjoy outdoor recreations or deal with emergency -- the UFO POWER 500 lithium portable power station.

UFO POWER 500 portable power station can offer massive 500Wh battery capacity, while still being pretty compact and lightweight, weighing just 5.5kg. It is a safe, clean and reliable power source which is mighty enough to charge mobile devices, laptops, and it can even power the most demanding electrical appliances. 

Fan Free Design
One of the best features is that there’s no motor! Without noisy motors or noxious exhaust fumes, you can comfortably and safely use this clean power source. Besides, with the fan free design, a no noise and peaceful environment for the quiet darknight can be provided.

LCD Display

With LCD display you will get all the necessary information about charge/discharge status, and the reports of power usage.

Effective Cooling Design for The Case

The case of this portable power station is designed with aluminum alloy, and the panel is made of PC and hard material which is good enough to avoid commom scratches and keep as new. 

PD 60W  
QC 3.0  
Pure sine wave  

With three USB ports incluing 5V 2.4A USB and USB quick charge 3.0, one TYPE-C port, two DC outlet, one AC outlet (with pure sine wave) and one 12V car output, UFO POWER 500 is a rechargeable lithium portable supply to meet your charging need. You can power up virtually anything anywhere.

How to stay powered up?

If the portable power station is run out of power, the UFO POWER 500 portable power station has 3 easy ways to be charged — an AC wall outlet, 12V car outlet, or an attachable solar panel (sold separately). It can be fully charged about 5 hours.

We designed our portable power station with you in mind. Durable, easy to use, compact for storage, and a convenient carrying case make this portable power station perfect for camping, home, offroading, hunting, RVing, and tailgating. Warm up and light your wall tent in your frosty fall hunting camp. Set the vibe around the campfire with string lights and cold beers from the mini fridge on your overland expedition through the red rocks of Moab. Bring comfort and security to your family and home during a power outage. It is an ideal choice of backup power source for both outdoor activities and family emergency.

How long can the portable power station power your devices?

UFO BATTERY has been dedicated to innovation, provide power solution, and energy storage power products to help you live. The UFO POWER lithium portable power station 1000Wh will also be available to obtain pretty soon. So stay tuned! 

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