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New methods to prevent the lithium battery short circuit

by:UFO      2020-05-10
Lithium ion battery of the risk of short circuit for power battery, its up to hundreds or even thousands of lithium ion batteries but also greatly increase the probability of its short-circuit, and once the short circuit will be easy to cause malignant accidents, therefore completes the lithium ion battery short circuit protection is very important and necessary. Lithium ion batteries due to the material system and the influence of many factors, such as made process, there occurs within the risk of short circuit. Although lithium-ion batteries in the factory have strict aging and self-discharge filtering, but due to the use of process failure and other unpredictable factors, there is still a certain failure probability in the course of using the cause of the short circuit. For power battery, the battery pack as many as several hundred section or even tens of thousands of lithium ion batteries, greatly enlarge the probability of battery happen within short. Due to the energy contained within the great power battery, easy to induce malignant accident of internal short circuit, causing casualties and property losses. TE PPTC and MHP - TA series products provide a possible solution, can prevent the power battery as soon as possible after internal short circuit when the malignant accident. For parallel lithium ion power battery module, when one day or a few batteries within short time, other batteries in the battery module will discharge to its, the energy of the battery pack can make within short battery temperature rise sharply, easy to induce thermal runaway, eventually lead to battery fire explosion. As shown in figure 1. Figure 1: the module of the single battery temperature detection of short sign for conventional warms up the battery, although you can inform IC to cut off the main circuit, but not in preventing parallel battery module within the continuous discharge, and because the primary loop cut off, all the energy of the battery module are focused on the short circuit inside the battery, which increases the risk of thermal runaway occurs. The ideal solution is, the discovery of a battery within short and warming occurs, can cut off the battery connections with other cells in the module circuit. As shown in figure 2, in a single pool of saving electricity assembly TE PPTC or MHP - TA series product, when short circuit occurs within TE protection device can effectively block the short circuit inside the battery contact with other battery module, prevent malignant accidents. For monomer battery has a large number of power battery, with a group of battery internal resistance and devices consistency demand is higher, while the MHP - TA because of its internal double metal structure, device resistance consistency is very good, can greatly satisfy to the requirement of battery internal resistance. Figure 2: the battery short circuit protection solutions in lithium ion power battery short circuit to produce great harm, therefore completes the battery short circuit protection is necessary, the above two solutions can be effectively when the battery short-circuit protection circuit.
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