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New Launch UFO Home Lithium Battery with Innovative Touchscreen


A solar system without battery storage will limit the use of electricity on cloudy and dark nights.

Therefore, UFO POWER has launched a new generation of home lithium batteries for energy storage systems. This UFO home battery is designed with a new type of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery technology, which can store the energy generated by the roof solar panels during the day and power the home at night. Combined with a solar photovoltaic system, this UFO home lithium battery will enable you to enjoy reliable power when you need it. There are two capacities--4.8kWh and 10kWh. It can be used for peak load transfer, emergency backup power, and independent power consumption.

UFO's new home battery aims to be a reliable and affordable home energy storage solution on the market, and this time we have brought some new things to make it easier and more convenient.

New Launch UFO Home Lithium Battery with Innovative Touchscreen

We Bring Something New:

· Innovative touch screen

The new generation UFO LiFePO4 battery for household energy storage provides an innovative LCD display with a touch function. The main advantage of the UFO touch screen is to provide users with a convenient, concise, and clear display. Just touch and play! It simplifies the homeowner's battery status reading so that the battery performance can be monitored in real-time, including voltage, current, state of charge (SOC), and state of health (SOH).

·High safety and reliability

The consistency of the lithium battery is one of the important factors affecting the performance of the 48-volt LiFePO4 Battery Pack. Users can easily get the information of each battery from the touch screen, thus ensuring a high degree of consistency of lithium battery cells. In addition, the battery status of the battery pack will be displayed on the screen, and the user can check the data at any time to ensure the good performance of the battery and quickly respond to potential problems.

· Wide compatibility with 13 popular inverters

Every UFO home lithium battery can be equipped with the inverter protocol conversion module developed by us. The user can switch the communication protocol within a few seconds through the touch screen, which optimizes the complicated protocol upgrade process and saves more time and cost. Now, UFO's new generation of home lithium batteries is compatible with 13 well-known inverters on the market, including Growatt, SMA, Victron, Deye, Solis, Luxpower, Sacolar, Sorotec, Voltronic Power, SOFAR, GOODWE, Amensolar, and Solar. In addition, we support remote protocol upgrades.

Wide compatibility with 13 popular inverters

This UFO household battery has been introduced to provide affordable but not compromise with low-quality power solutions for the family. As our general manager Mike said, "We use renewable solar energy and more environmentally friendly lithium batteries, aiming to provide electricity to every family and always keep their lighting safe in any situation." 


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