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New industrial ups 211kva for business for metallurgy industry

New industrial ups 211kva for business for metallurgy industry

New industrial ups 211kva for business for metallurgy industry
  • New industrial ups 211kva for business for metallurgy industry
  • New industrial ups 211kva for business for metallurgy industry

New industrial ups 211kva for business for metallurgy industry

The manufacture of UFO industrial ups meets a very high hygienic standard in the dining tools industry. It has passed the tests that guarantee it fits for barbeque use. This product can withstand heavy load weight
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US6000 series 3/1 Phase Common Industrial UPS

 US6000-31F UPS 10-120kVA

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US6000-31F UPS 10-120kVA

US6000 series 3/1 phase Common Industrial UPS is a new generation of dual conversion power frequency online UPS power supply designed and manufactured by the company, which integrates the application needs, experience and latest research and development achievements of industry customers for many years, effectively improves product performance, safety and system reliability, and realizes integration, intelligence and miniaturization of higher power density.

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Widely used in industrial control occasions such as Iron and Steel, Chemical Industry and industrial automation distributed control system, industrial local area network server, power system, communication base station server and other high reliability and high security industrial applications.


DSP Full digital control technology, fast operation speed, high control accuracy, good reliability and high security.

◪ Strong shock resistance, strong restraining effect on the impact of load transient, strong load carrying capacity and good load adaptability.

◪ Optional 12 pulse rectifier which can effectively improve the input power factor of UPS and reduce the input current harmonics.

◪ Support various types of batteries, automatically control the charging voltage and current, and have the function of cold start of batteries. No need to interrupt the operation of UPS when replace batteries.

◪ Rich information display, friendly human-computer interface, simple operation, rich communication and Input / Output dry contact interface, which can realize remote monitoring and control of UPS.

◪ High reliability design such as reverse connection protection and short circuit protection. Simhe power distribution. Easy realization of N + 1 redundancy parallel operation.






Rated Input380/400/415Vac, 50/60Hz(Three-phase)
Voltage Range285Vac~498Vac

Frequency Range



Rated Input220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz(Single phase)
Voltage Range-40%~+20% (Can be set)

Frequency Range

±2.5%,±5%,±10%,±20% can be set

Synchronous Range

±0.5—±3Hz can be set


Rated Output 
220/230/240Vac, 50/60Hz(Single phase+Ground)
Power Factor
Voltage Stabilized Accuracy±1% (balanced load)
Voltage Dynamic Transient±5% (0 ~100% load change)
Total Harmonic Distortion| THD<1% (100% linear load), <3% (100% non-linear load)
Frequency Accuracy±0.05%
Parallel Capacity4
Inverter Overload CapabilityInverter operation : 110% long-term,  125% 10 minutes, 150% 1 minute
360/372/384V(Can be set, 2V/6V/12V Battery optional,support lithium battery and Nickel-cadmium battery)
OtherDisplayLCD+LED, Touch screen(optional)

Working Environment





6 Pulses560800
12 Pulses/



6 Pulses195205235255300460480550960
12 Pulses/

Control Management

RS232/USB for optionSupport windows XP/7/8/10/Linux/Mac
Support for power management by SNMP administrators through web browsers


UFO industrial ups is rigorously tested from the beginning of the production to the finished product so as to achieve better dehydration effect. Tests including BPA ingredient and other chemical releasing substances are carried out. Treated by laser-cut and stamping machines, it features high dimension accuracy
UFO industrial ups has gone through the following production process: the preparation of metal materials, cutting, welding, surface treatment, drying, and spraying. It is characterized by excellent wear resistance
The fabrication of UFO industrial ups strictly follows 6 methods below: extrusion, injection molding, liquid injection molding, compression molding, calendaring, and transfer molding. This product can withstand heavy load weight
UFO uninterruptible power is of innovative design. It is carried out by our designers who keep the trend with the newest bag market, adopt the latest popular colors and shapes. The product requires little maintenance and repair
UFO industrial ups is computer-aided designed (CAD). Workers who are responsible for CAD are abundant in creating and designing inflatable items experience. It can be electroplated with chrome, copper, bronze, gold, steel, or other finishes
The product is made through a process that involves rigorous quality testing, such as inspection of raw materials and finished products. The product is non-toxic and safe to use
Our professional quality control personnel guarantee 100% quality of our products. The product is not susceptible to the splash of oil, salt, acid, alkali, or chemical liquids
This product provides good reliability and excellent performance at low cost. It can be designed into different shapes according to customers' requirements
Under the supervision of a professional quality inspector, the product is inspected at all stages of production to ensure good quality. The product can resist the gathering of bacteria such as colon bacillus and staphylococcus aureus
The product has obtained many international certifications, which is the strong proof of its high quality and high performance. This product can withstand heavy load weight
This product has long service life and stable performance. The product adopts the contemporary good looks
SHENZHEN UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. has formed a rapid global network. The product encompasses both versatility and aesthetic appeal
SHENZHEN UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is able to provide users with professional technical support. It is characterized by excellent wear resistance
SHENZHEN UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. offers tailor-made services at competitive prices. Its edges have been finely rounded to prevent the accidents of finger cutting
SHENZHEN UFO POWER TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is striving to develop new types of uninterruptible power. After the heat treatment process, it becomes highly resistant to temperature
This product is far more preferable to competing products in terms of performance/price ratio. Its width and length can be customized
industrial ups product quality has been well received in overseas and domestic markets. It has a smooth surface without any burrs, spots, or scratches
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