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New Arrival | UFO Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Pack 48V/51.2V


UFO Power Wall Storage Battery

Store your energy, Change your home

Have you ever experience sudden power outrage or far away from power grid with no solution to deal with dark? Or have you feel frustrated at paying the expensive energy bills? Or have you ever perceived that the air environment is not longer fresh as several years ago? Renewable energy and energy storage draw our attention nowadays. According to the IEA report, The share of renewables in global power generation is set to rise from 26 percent today to 30 percent in 2024 , three-fourths of all expected solar installations over the next five years are expected to be in commercial settings. In response to our mission to manufacture green lithium battery and help make a greener world. This year, UFO BATTERY achieved our goal and launched a New Power Wall Storage Battery for Energy Storage to figure out your worry for power supply.

★ Power Wall Storage Battery Basic Specification 


★ LiFePO4 battery pack with UFO intelligent BMS

UFO 48V 200Ah POWER WALL STORAGE BATTERY use deep cycle lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery which is manufactured with superior industrial quality. With built-in smart Battery Management System (BMS) developed by UFO R&D Team, it offers multiple protection for the Power Wall Storage Battery through full-time monitoring such as cell voltage monitoring, charge and discharge protection, voltage alarm, temperature control,etc. Through all these safety protection, the Power Wall Storage Battery enables a better performance with a longer service life.

UFO Lithium-ion Battery BMS

★ Long service life and scalable 

LiFePO4 Power Wall Storage Battery is an ideal replacement of traditional batteries such as lead-acid battery. Because of the favorable features of high energy density and high efficiency, Power Wall Storage Battery is half the weight than lead-acid battery with the same capacity. Besides, longer lifetime can be anticipated with zero maintenance. The cycle life could up to 6000 times at 80%DOD @20°C through proper care. The case of Power Wall Storage Battery is made of good heat dispersing material, providing great heat dissipating capacity. UFO Power Wall Storage Battery is scalable for parallel connection up to 16 pcs using identical batteries. 

Comparison between LiFePO4 Battery & Lead-acid Battery

★ Standard Communication Port 

RS485/CAN/RS232 are available for Powerwall.


★ LCD Display for convenient monitoring

                                         ① LCD Display Menu

                                                                                                  ② Display the Powerwall capacity

                                                                                                  ③ Display state information

                                         ④ ALM alarm indicator light to alarm trouble.

★ Two Color Option

    Sky Blue Power Wall Storage Battery

    Sky blue, a pure colar for pure environment. 


    Silver Grey Power Wall Storage Battery

    Silver grey, a classic color to choose. 



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