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Lithium ion battery is expected to become the protagonist

by:UFO      2020-01-12

The Ideal Energy storage form has the characteristics of large capacity storage, fast charging and discharging, high reliability, low cost, etc, this puts forward the requirements of long life, high energy density, high power density and low cost for energy storage batteries.

for traditional lead-acid battery enterprises, their products have the advantages of mature technology and low price, moreover, lead-acid battery energy storage system has been used as backup power supply in power plants and substations for many years, and has played an extremely important role in maintaining the safe, stable and reliable operation of the power system.

experts in the industry believe that lead-acid batteries are highly competitive in the field of energy storage relying on their mature technical advantages and low cost. However, compared with other secondary batteries, it has the following disadvantages:

low energy density. The energy density of lead-acid batteries is only 40-50Wh/kg. The cycle life is short. The cycle life of ordinary lead-acid batteries is only about 1000 times, which is equivalent to increasing the cost of one-week energy storage of batteries, thus increasing the cost.

The working temperature is relatively narrow. Exceeding a certain temperature can easily cause battery performance to decline, and even fire and burst. Environmental pollution is heavy. Therefore, industry experts generally suggest that lead-acid batteries develop in the direction of increasing energy density, prolonging service life and reducing environmental pollution.

lithium ion batteries are expected to become the leading role. In recent years, lithium ion batteries have also been applied in the field of power grid energy storage.

as we all know, lithium ion batteries have many advantages such as high energy density, high discharge voltage, low battery self-discharge rate, long cycle life, high charging and discharging efficiency, wide working temperature range, etc, the industry generally believes that lithium-ion batteries are expected to become the protagonist of the energy internet energy storage system.

both lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries are likely to become the secondary batteries for the main application of energy internet energy storage systems in the future. However, no matter what kind of battery is applied in the energy internet energy storage system, it needs to meet the requirements of all aspects, especially the technical and economic requirements. Battery enterprises that want to make profits in the energy storage industry need to strengthen the basic theoretical research on key materials and battery structure, so as to improve the performance of batteries and reduce the cost of key materials compared with the demand of energy storage systems, it is possible to win the top in the new round of competition.

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