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Lithium ion battery is a new type of green battery

by:UFO      2020-01-14

caring for the environment and protecting the Earth is the unshirkable responsibility of each of us. How to reflect our environmental concept in action?

as a battery consumer, they should purchase and use new green batteries; As a battery manufacturer, it should produce new green batteries. Only through the joint efforts of everyone can we create and protect our beautiful and harmonious natural environment.

The new green battery refers to a kind of high-performance and pollution-free battery that has been put into use or is being developed in recent years. At present, lithium batteries, metal hydride nickel batteries, mercury-free alkaline zinc-manganese batteries that are being popularized and lithium or lithium ion plastic batteries, fuel cells and electrochemical energy storage supercapacitors that are being developed are all new types. the category of green batteries. In addition, at present has been widely application of use solar photoelectric conversion of the Sun battery (Also known as photovoltaic power generation)It also belongs to this category.

in order to ensure the safe and reliable use of lithium batteries, experts have carried out very strict and careful battery safety design to achieve the battery safety assessment index.

(1) Diaphragm 135 ℃ automatic shutdown protection

adopts international advanced Celgard2300PE-PP-PE three-layer composite membrane. When the temperature of the battery reaches 120 ℃, the PE membrane pores on both sides of the composite membrane are closed, the internal resistance of the battery increases, the temperature rise inside the battery slows down, and when the temperature rise of the battery reaches 135 ℃, the PP membrane pores are closed, the internal circuit of the battery is open and the battery is no longer heated to ensure the safety and reliability of the battery.

(2) Add additive

to electro-hydraulic to overcharge the battery, and the battery voltage is higher than 4. Under the condition of 2 v, the electro-hydraulic additive polymerizes with other substances in the electro-hydraulic, the internal resistance of the battery increases, a large area of open circuit is formed inside the battery, and the battery no longer heats up.

(3) Battery cover composite structure

battery cover adopts notch explosion-proof structure. When the battery is heated, part of the gas generated in the activation process of the battery expands and the internal pressure of the battery increases, when the pressure reaches a certain degree, the nicks are cracked and deflated.

(4) Various environmental abuse tests

carry out various abuse tests, such as external short circuit, overcharge, acupuncture, plate impact, incineration, etc. , to investigate the safety performance of the battery. At the same time, the temperature impact test, vibration, drop, impact and other mechanical properties Test of the battery are carried out to investigate the performance of the battery in actual use environment.

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