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Lithium ion batteries, capacitors and lithium-ion capacitor distinction

by:UFO      2020-05-11
Fujitsu founded the capacitor business to promote chamber, its for suzuki jing was born in, knowledge of lithium ion capacitor in the popularization, and with the characteristics of lithium ion batteries and electric double layer capacitors are compared. Fujitsu development of lithium-ion capacitor is characterized by high output power, charge and discharge cycle characteristics, mainly for hybrid vehicles need high power cars. 1, the comparison of voltage, capacity, self-discharge and lithium ion battery materials lithium ion capacitor on different mainly displays in the positive aspects. The anode of lithium ion capacitor is activated carbon, this is different from lithium battery of lithium oxide. Lithium-ion capacitor anode carbon materials, lithium ion electrolyte organic matter, the positive battery through the electric double layer, the cathode by the REDOX reaction of lithium ion battery. Lithium-ion capacitor energy density than lithium ion battery, but the output high density; Unit volume energy density for 10 ~ 15 wh/L, the electric double layer capacitor 2 ~ 8 wh/L capacity is much bigger, 2 times that of the latter. In terms of voltage, the highest voltage can be up to 4 v lithium-ion capacitor, similar to lithium ion batteries, and much higher than that of electric double layer capacitor, at the same time is smaller than both in terms of self-discharge. 2, security: lithium-ion batteries instead of nickel metal hydride batteries and lead-acid batteries battery technology is a big improvement, but the safety of the lithium battery accident also occur frequently, as mentioned above, which is caused by its positive structure varies. The anode of lithium-ion battery lithium oxide, not only contains a lot of lithium can form lithium dendrite and pierced diaphragm, this important fire element also contains oxygen. Once the battery short circuit can be for the development of the whole thermal decomposition, reaction with electrolyte can cause burns. And the anode of lithium ion capacitor is activated carbon, even if the internal short circuit will react with negative, but it will not react with the electrolyte, in theory, it's more safer than lithium battery. 3, long life characteristics: the lithium battery for long life, on the depth of lithium battery charging and discharging have certain limit, thus reducing the essentially can make use of the capacity of the electric double layer capacitor charging and discharging principle is simple but by adsorption or take off the electrolyte ions and has long life, alone that it is difficult to extend the life of the real. But even lower lithium-ion capacitor anode potential, cell voltage will not drop sharply, so can ensure that capacity. 4, high temperature resistant characteristics: storage of the weakness of the electric components are work when the temperature rises. In repeated charge and discharge process, the internal resistance will boost temperature rise, thus affecting life, this is because, under the condition of high temperature, electrolyte decomposition, the positive prone to oxidation, therefore, under the condition of high temperature may need to reduce the anode potential, but in the case of a potential to reduce, the electric double layer capacitor voltage is decreasing, unable to ensure that capacity. The lithium battery cannot step-down and prone to security issues. Lithium-ion capacitor is the only thing that is used in the anode potential from the position of the oxidation decomposition area, thus excellent high temperature performance.
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