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Lithium electricity use in the field of energy storage

by:UFO      2020-05-16
To ensure peak, usually need to build more power plants. Still need to work when the electricity trough, generator, both increase the burden of investment, and cause energy waste. In recent years, some foreign enterprise transformation ideas, will be used in the power plant of capital energy reserves and equipment procurement, and low electricity charge, peak use of equipment to save electricity, time-sharing charge. Energy storage device also has a wide application in other fields, namely with a laparoscope, usually connected to a solar energy, wind energy, constitute a 'green' new energy system. At present, many places and force has been equipped with solar energy, wind power generation device, such as: xinjiang military region for its 68 border company installed solar energy, wind power generation device, the end of the 'five' ( Electricity, take a shower, heating water, and the housing difficult) In the history. Quite a number of garrison troops on the island also has installed this kind of power, but due to the battery of these devices is used mostly currently lead-acid batteries, has a great influence on the local environment and ecological. Usually, these outposts and fragile ecological environment is abominable, low degradation ability of harmful substance. It is difficult to restore, in the event of damage, but also long lasting damage to the body and mind of officers and soldiers of the garrison. Lithium ion battery is green battery, since the early 1990 s, because of its high energy density, good cycle performance and charged with high performance, is considered to be ideal for high capacity power battery. As the ideal energy storage battery system of key materials, lithium iron phosphate and three yuan Li - Ni- Mn- 有限公司- O two kinds of the anode material shows very good performance. Lithium iron phosphate has low cost, non-toxic pollution-free, good security features; Three yuan Li - layer Ni- Mn- 有限公司- O the anode materials with high capacity ( More than 140 ma, h/g) , thermal stability, chemical stability, large current discharge performance, as well as good safety performance. Use it to replace lead-acid battery will be greatly beneficial to environmental protection.
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