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Lithium battery maintenance methods

by:UFO      2020-05-15
Calculate how many mobile devices around you now? Mobile phones, MP3, tablet PC, laptop, digital camera, handheld, navigation, etc. , these devices are in use l batteries for power, and battery life is also the most worrying problem. Mobile phones, for example, in addition to the system power consumption influence factors of battery life, how to maintain the battery is also must understand the knowledge, unless you can tolerate replacement spare batteries or external battery, in fact, like the iPhone mobile phone battery can't replace.

battery maintenance may impact on a single charge and discharge cycle is not big, but after a long time after there is a contrast, lithium ion battery in use after a year or longer, battery capacity will be loss, and maintain a good battery loss situation would be much better. Before also circulated on the Internet there are many stories about the lithium ion battery maintenance method, but the different versions. Such as shall be filled with the new battery back after 12 hours then emptying, three times to activate the maximum capacity, also has is that each month must have a full charge and discharge process is advantageous to the maintenance. Overseas' University website recently released an article on how to extend the life of the lithium Battery, puts forward a new conclusion for usage of the Battery. They claim that, through the experimental results confirmed that use lithium ion battery is the best way to maintain a mild, quick quick charge, this is similar to mechanical equipment use method, the frequency of use, the more the greater the loss will be the faster of the battery. Lithium batteries, the smaller of the extent of depth of discharge, the use of the longer the time, if possible, try to avoid frequent fully charge and discharge. 's users, your battery using 10%, 20% for charging is one of the best, in 50% of the time remaining power charging can also, but try to avoid cell phone prompt start charging when the battery is low, no matter what happens don't put the battery capacity is used up. If away from home, try to use a larger capacity battery or mobile power supply. Technical personnel also pointed out that using the environment temperature of battery life may also be affected, too high ( 30℃) Or too low temperature will form the loss to the battery life-span. Such as connection adapter power supply using laptops, often the best battery removed, in fact it will not charge the battery formation damage, because the battery is full after no longer charge, but a laptop when use do not pay attention to the bottom of the ventilation makes temperature overheating, this is the uncertain impact battery life. And, of course, if there is a better use of the environment or the cooling base, the battery can be avoid unsaved data when the power was lost.

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