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Lithium battery common accident? What are those?

by:UFO      2020-05-13
Why the lithium battery explosion or burning. The combustion or explosion, usually because of heat accumulation and can not spread out, the cumulative to the fire, or heat accumulation within a certain amount of space to a certain degree, will happen. As a battery, and, in the aggregate, the above situation is usually not the following four reasons.

1, internal short circuit ( For soft package more large monomer) : structure or process defects lead to ear interpolation, diaphragm packages too little surplus, burr, a discount on the diaphragm. Very often appears in thick ear interpolation within the cell and parallel structure, pole ear insulation does not reach the designated position, in the subsequent product plus protection board or use process is easy to cause acute short-circuit and internal combustion or blast ( Internal short circuit: this man is have deep experience, then scrap more than 2 k the batteries, the actual belongs to a design flaw - — Abnormal essence is: acute internal short circuit) , but now this situation is very few, unless the external force factors.

2, external short circuit: 1 ah battery under external combustion after explosion caused by short circuit, usually appear to bulge or simply put the ears burn out, personal analysis are power battery or large capacity battery short circuit caused by burn. This involves the customer use undeserved, — Install metal outer ear insulation, don't consider when abnormal occurs at the scene of the installed battery smoldering combustion; Power battery structure fixed measures also common failures ( Ill-considered) Battery pack, the user use process shaking battery external insulation protective film breakage or the cable skin damaged, eventually lead to short circuit burning.

3, overcharge explosion: this is the most dangerous, is also the most afraid of, but, still occasionally appear. From know there are two conditions: a, the user is not required to use the matching chargers, undermining protection circuit and charging users often are unlimited filling, this situation is not fry are difficult; Group b, the battery is not reasonable and protective plate failure, this kind of circumstance also can fry. 。 。 Single battery in the same way.

4, battery material itself does not pass. Material does not pass, may produce overheating in calibration voltage electrical flow, thus accident.

based on the above analysis, if you can correctly use lithium battery maintenance, as far as possible to avoid the above situation, you can find some ways to:

1, the depth of the charge and discharge frequently: the lithium battery almost no memory, a lot of friends in the use of lithium lithium trams, or electric digital products, like not to use power in a bit ( Protection board) And then to recharge, and in many people's eyes, which also is a kind of to activate the battery. In use of lithium batteries, we called the run out of battery recharging case depth charge and discharge.

in fact, the depth of the charge and discharge is a lot of people in the use of lithium battery when a significant error, scientists have come to the conclusion through the experiment, the depth of the charge and discharge frequency in the case of other environmental condition of constant, and battery life is proportional to the charge and discharge can lead to an early end to the battery life many times. And long service life of the end of the lithium battery is easy to cause the battery to bulge, etc. , to explode.

2, overcharge and high charge and discharge, the situation is in the protection board design is not reasonable and the charging time will often happens, we always like in the device's battery is full of charge again after a while, let oneself of the equipment can resist longer, but many people do not know is that long-term over charge and discharge conditions can have serious injury and damage the performance of lithium batteries, serious can cause extreme cases such as explosion, so the battery is full of good, if has been plugged in the charger, sooner or later will be a tragedy.

3, at the time of charging and discharging to general current load current of the charger and use electrical appliances within the prescribed scope, high current load is easy to cause the battery internal short circuit, undermining lithium ion, the safe hidden trouble that trigger circuit. Similarly, for plug-in charger voltage, truth is the same. And we should pay attention to when using the charger charger whether qualified.

4, working environment. Lithium batteries are extremely sensitive to temperature, if the below freezing for a long time use, can greatly influence and damage to the battery life-span. While on overheating environment for a long time, will significantly reduce the battery life, serious, explosion caused by inner pressure increase, even if they failed to explode, the battery will quickly scrapped in high fever, feeling some cases because the pool of explosions that killed, most of the reasons is because the working environment of high temperature.

after repeated after the accident, the manufacturers are finally had the action, for the most current lithium battery manufacturers have increased the protection especially electronic digital products have increased double or multiple protection, try to avoid this from happening, users increased awareness of their own, however, is still very important.

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