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Lithium battery charge and discharge cycle performance under normal temperature

by:UFO      2020-05-14
Under the condition of normal temperature, after some charge-discharge cycles of lithium ion batteries, it in the performance of this process and after the process? It is involved in process improvement direction of lithium-ion batteries, therefore need to apply some test parameters, due to the popularization of the new energy automobile speed, selection of large capacity lithium battery test data acquisition, help illuminates the understanding of the dynamic performance and characteristics of lithium battery. Through the test of lithium-ion batteries can draw the following conclusion: general by constant current constant voltage charging stage, its constant current charging capacity of charge capacity ratio decreased with increasing cycles of; In 3. 7 v ~ 4。 2 v discharge platform release of electricity is more than 90% of the total discharge capacity, charge and discharge efficiency is not influenced by cycles. The following description. Before describe data, to test environment: should choose a 80 ah cobalt acid lithium batteries, byd (at room temperature environment 10℃~250℃) Charge and discharge test. Charging and discharging system design: 1, the constant current constant voltage charging, start with 1 c or 80 a constant current charging to 4. 2 v, 4. 2 v constant voltage charging to the electric current is less than 4 a ( Is 0. 05C) When to stop; 2, put aside for 10 minutes after the exile in 80 a constant electricity to 2. 75 v; 3, after constant exile electric aside for 10 minutes and then to a new round of charge and discharge cycle, so repeated 500 times. In this process, the need to collect relevant data in order to form the corresponding charts: 1, the constant current/constant voltage charging characteristic curve; 2, constant current charging capacity of total charging capacity ratio and the relationship between cycles; 3, discharge curve; 4, charge and discharge efficiency curve. Through the above chart can see: 1, from the point of constant current charging stage, lithium battery charging platform 3. 8V~4. Between 1 v, the stage of filling the capacity reaches more than 80% of the total charging capacity. With the increase of cycling times, voltage rise speed, charging time is reduced, filling the power of successive decline, too. 2, from the constant current charging capacity of the percentage of the total charging capacity, with the increase of cycling times, constant current charging capacity as a percentage of total charging capacity gently falling, and constant voltage charging capacity of total charging capacity percentage rising. This shows that with the increase of lithium battery charge and discharge cycles, the smaller the current charging is the better the results. 3, from the point of discharge curve, its discharge platform ( At a certain voltage range discharge curve is smooth, close to a straight line, rather than before the area between the rising and falling of slash) Along with the increase of cycling times is reduced, in 4. 2V~3. 7 v is put on the level of release power accounted for 90% of the total electricity. 4, charge and discharge efficiency: each time the release of electricity has been filling the battery percentage. It represents a kind of battery discharge ability, will look from charge and discharge efficiency curve, the numerical basic remains the same, more than 99%. As we know, the capacity of lithium-ion batteries will reduce with the increase of the charge and discharge cycles, it can find the answer from the above data. It embodied in: low discharge platform, lithium battery charging time reduction, constant current charging ratio decreased, the ultimate performance for rechargeable into power decline, with the increase of cycling times faster and faster and recession. After a 500 - cycle capacity must be no less than 80% to calculate qualified products.
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