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Lithium battery capacity and life of the matters needing attention

by:UFO      2020-05-14
First of all, high and low power state has the adverse effect of lithium battery lifespan, but instead, charge and discharge cycles is secondary. In fact, most of the selling appliances or logo on battery can be recharged, discharge are eighty percent benchmark. Experimental results show that for some laptop lithium battery, often let the battery voltage is more than 0 standard voltage. 1 v, that is, from 4. 1 v up to 4. 2 v, the battery life will be halved, improve to 0. 1 v, is reduced to the original life of one of the three points; Prolonged state of low electricity or no electricity can make the battery internal resistance of the electronic shift of bigger and bigger, so lead to battery capacity decreases. The U. S. space agency, NASA to the consumption of battery power on the Hubble space telescope set in ten percent of the total capacity, to ensure that the batteries can be repeated charge and discharge 100000 times without update. Secondly, the temperature also has great influence for the lithium battery life ( Mobile phones and other small electronic devices to this point can be ignored) 。 Below the freezing point of the environment has the potential to lithium battery at the instant of the electronic products open burning, and hot environment will reduce the capacity of the battery. Therefore, if the laptop nor the battery down long-term use of external power supply, a long period of laptop battery will discharge of high fever, more major is, battery under one hundred percent of the battery for a long time, will soon be scrapped.

by the above, we can summarize the following points to ensure that the lithium battery capacity and life of the note:

at present most electronics batteries using lithium batteries, lithium ion batteries since 1990, because of its excellent performance obtained the swift and violent development, and widely used in society, lithium battery manufacturers and therefore got the most large-scale development. Don't need a lithium battery charger to one hundred percent full, more do not use power usage. In the case of situation allows, as far as possible keep battery power near half full state, the range of the charge and discharge as small as possible;

general Chevy Volt electric car factory design is to force the battery to maintain at 20% to 80%, while apple laptop's built-in battery may also be using this method, Other electric and electronic products) The increase in the number, and let the battery can charge and discharge cycle. Don't to lithium batteries (

Especially the laptop lithium battery) Long-term work under the condition of the equipment using the power converter. Even if your laptop heat dissipation is good, long-term one hundred percent of the battery is equal to the murder of lithium-ion batteries.

1。 If you long for laptop power supply with an external power supply, or the battery has been more than 80%, immediately remove your laptop's battery, don't need the battery charging full of at ordinary times, charge around 80%; Adjusting electricity power options of the operating system will alarm to more than 20%, battery don't less than 20%, the lowest at ordinary times next to 20% before the recharged;

2。 Mobile phones and other small electronic devices, charged the electricity should be immediately disconnect the power cord ( Including USB charging function) , then will damage the battery; Always charge, remember to charge, but don't have to put the battery;

3。 Both for laptop or mobile phone, etc. , must not let the battery run out;

4。 If you want to travel, the battery is full, but please remember that in the conditions allow for electric charge at any time, in order to battery life, don't wait for the battery must be dry.

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