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Lithium battery aging is stem what of?

by:UFO      2020-05-09
Aging generally refers to the battery assembly filler is completed after the first charge into place, can have the normal temperature aging can also have a high temperature aging, action is the first time charge after the formation of the SEI film properties and composition can be stable. Room temperature ageing temperature is 25 degrees, high temperature aging GeChang is different, have a plenty of 38 degrees and 45 degrees. At 48 - time 72 hours between

mouth sealed and two cases: aging then depart for openings into the cells, for the normal temperature aging, if can be controlled under 2% relative humidity aging after sealing is better, for the high temperature aging, better sealing after aging.

but what is certain is: ageing process with electrochemical dynamics of change, is of great help to the stability of the SEI, can promote the electrochemical stability of the system.

is the purpose of the principle about aging, one reason is that in order to make the electrolyte fully infiltrates, another is the live is the cathode material of some active ingredients through certain deactivation reaction, make the whole battery performance more stable performance, many companies in order to make this process faster, to adopt high temperature aging, high temperature aging need to pay attention to control the time and temperature, however, because of the high temperature aging can produce more to live than normal aging material degradation effect, good control, active ingredients fully reflect, battery features stable performance, control is not good,, so electrical performance degradation, low capacity, the increasing of IR, such as leakage happens even condition is possible after high temperature aging battery performance is more stable, the vast majority of lithium-ion battery manufacturers took high temperature aging in the process of operating mode, 45 ~ 50 degrees Celsius temperature aging 1 ~ 3 days, then the normal temperature. After high temperature aging cell potential adverse phenomenon will be exposed, such as voltage, thickness, internal resistance changes are directly test this batch of battery safety and electrochemical performance of comprehensive indicators. Today, most battery company will adopt the low-quality low-end domestic diaphragm for mass production, high temperature aging is also become a battery internal structure safety inspection rules

high temperature aging just in order to shorten the battery the whole production cycle, players into the battery only at high temperatures accelerate the chemical reaction, the battery is not much good, may damage the battery, it is best to room temperature incubation time in more than three weeks, let is negative, the diaphragm, sufficient for chemical reactions such as electrolyte balance, then the battery performance is more real.

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