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Latest lithium ion battery pack company for solar system Gel battery replacement

Latest lithium ion battery pack company for solar system Gel battery replacement

Latest lithium ion battery pack company for solar system Gel battery replacement

48V 200Ah LiFePO4 Power Wall Battery | Solar Battery | Backup Power | Optional GPRS | Silver Gray
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Powerwall for Solar System | LiFePO4 Battery [Optional GPRS Data Transmission Units(DTU)] 

Backup Power, Energy Storage Lithium-ion Battery

Color: Sky Blue/ Sliver Grey

Why Uses Powerwall for Solar Power Storage?

Solar energy is an unlimited renewable energy source and now home powerwall battery allows homeowners who interested in maintaining a self-power home to operate their house independently.

● Self-sufficient and power to your home at anytime

● Clean energy and no air/noise pollution

● Cost-effective, save your money on electricity cost

● Eco-friendly and lower energy bills



Rated Reserved Energy


Nominal Voltage [V]


Capacity [Ah]



Width [mm]


Height [mm]


Depth [mm]


Weight [Kg]


Electrical Specifications

Charge Voltage [V]


VCharge-discharge Current[A]


Re-charge Time [h]

100A*1 Hour
     (Standard Charge)

Discharge Time up to

Discharge Power

Working Condition

Life @25°C

>10 Years

Cycle Life

>6000 Times


Working Temperature


Regular Transportation


Temperature & Period for Storage

Months @+25°C

3 Months @+35°C

1 Months @+45°C


◤NEW GENERATION Powerwall: Optional GPRS Data Transmission Units(DTU) in Lithium-ion Battery◢ 

UFO LiFePO4 batteries for energy storage (Powerwall battery) can be equipped witGPRS Data Transmission Units(DTU), which provides remote control of LiFePO4 battery and help monitor the status of LiFePO4 battery. The GPS Function within the Lithium-ion battery can provides positional tracking of battery to prevent from stealing. Whenever you use the battery APP on your cellphone, you are able to track the location of your Lithium-ion battery easily. Also, the GPRS function offers convenience to you for monitoring the performance of Lithium-ion battery, including battery temperature, voltage and more. 

 Why Choose UFO Lithium-ion Battery?

01 UFO Battery Upgrade our Lithium-ion Battery with The Lastest Battery Technology

UFO upgrade a new generation of lithium-ion battery for Powerwall lithium-ion battery. It is LiFePO4 Battery Pack with GPRS Data Transmission Units(DTU) which are able to help customers track the battery location and monitor the battery status with remote control. UFO “smart home” concept, the goal for home appliances in the future, is taking off. It lies in the advanced internet connectivity and processing capability. UFO lithium battery models are applicable for various kinds of intelligent home appliances, providing power for long periods of time and with a stable discharging performance.

02 High Quality Battery Cell Provides Long Operating Life

Designed with high-quality chemistry, UFO lithium-ion batteries own longer charging and discharging cycle times (2500 cycles) compared with lead-acid batteries. And the capacity fading is slow and predictable without sudden drop. Silver Grey Powerwall lithium-ion battery and Snow White Powerwall lithium-ion battery are also good performance LiFePO4 Battery Pack to choose.

03 UFO Independently developed BMS Provides Quality Assurance

UFO BATTERY has our own R&D team for BMS, providing more effective battery protection to improve the stability of battery and prolong battery lifespan.

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Latest lithium ion battery pack company for solar system Gel battery replacement-2
Battery Protection

04 High/Low Temperature Resistance Provides Superior Performance

With outstanding quality battery chemistry, UFO lithium-ion battery owns a good temperature resistance. The working temperature can range from -20°C to 60°C and it is an ideal replacement of traditional lead-acid battery.

05 Compact size, light weight, ideal replacement of lead-acid battery

The characteristic of high energy density of UFO lithium-ion battery makes space saving possible. Compared to lead acid battery, the weight of lithium-ion battery is 1/3 of that of lead-acid battery. Compact size but the same capacity makes lithium-ion battery an sensible investment than utilizing lead-acid battery.   

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Cell voltage monitoring
Charge/discharge current monitoring
Hardware protection
Discharge control
Charge control
Temperature Monitoring
Work Status Indication LCD &LED lamp)
PACK Voltage Monitoring
Failure alarm
Multiple batteries can be connected in parallel <<20sets

Latest lithium ion battery pack company for solar system Gel battery replacement-4


Save more space with high energy density
No need for refrigeration equipment
High operation reliability
Long service life
UFO management strategy

Very nice and does the job as it should.
Perfect, as expected :)
I've had this charger now for 3 years and zero I mean nada first problem ever!!!!!!
Works great. I charge NiMH and 18650 batteries with it.
Excellent product, it charges faster then my Trustfire and I like the fact that I can see the status of my Batteries.
Excellent charger. I use it to charge my batteries for my vape mod. I charged 18650 LG HG2 3000 mAh and LG HE4 2500 mAh with no problems.
Like it - gives me individual read out for each battery progress while charging
So far so good. Had nitecore i2 before this. Great charge as well. This is 2x better.
Gives a thorough charge. Only wish the charge was a little faster... 5+ hrs to fully charge 26650 batteries.
Very good ???
very nice, great value
Excellent charger. Works very well.
Works good
Very Good!
best charger i have owned
Pretty awesome. Seems pricey but you can literally charge any size battery with just this one charger.
Great unit so far. Had for only a month or so though.
I love it... These ppl aim to please. I am a real customer!!
Great charger!
Working as expected.
This charger does its job very well. The plug on the back tucks inside to make stowing it easier and less likely to catch on anything to break.
Just what I was looking for. Fast shipping and excellent price. Thanks!
Thank you so much my Nikon D3100 worked perfectly and no longer sits in the closet collecting dust
all good
Thank you
Easy to use... easy to travel with... works fast! I was unable to find this particular charger in any retail store. Amazon had it cheaper than similar chargers! I am very pleased with my purchase and will search for future products on Amazon first next time.
Fast shipping, works great, thank you!
We misplaced our original charger and this one works just like our original one!
OEM unit that worked perfectly.
It works as it should
It is always good to have a second available
OK Great Product
Works as expected.
Excellent Product!!
Can't believe I lost my old one.
I bought this OEM charger as a backup so I could carry one in each of my 2 camera bags. What can I say? It's THE Nikon charger that originally came with my camera...and it works.
Works great and lasts for years.
Bought this after we left the original (came with the camera) charger behind during some travel. Works perfectly.
Works great, no issues since I’ve bought it two months ago.
Product arrived on time (as per usual) and met all expectations. It's difficult to go into greater detail as all it does is charge the battery, which also worked as advertised.
Perfect, exactly what I needed at the fraction of the price of a brand new one (I lost the one that came with the camera kit). Thanks very much!
Worked great
Nice and compact, plays several different sounds.
xa0The Marpac Go travel white noise machine is compact, weighing a little less than 4 ounces but produces excellent sound. The Go white noise machine produces 11 different sounds – fans, white noise and nature sounds – with a sound level up to 85 decibels. Just a note, anything greater than 85 decibels can be uncomfortable and if subject to prolong exposure can be damaging to hearing. In the package is the Go machine and a USB charging cable. The machine operates on a rechargeable battery which will power the Go machine for approximately 12 hours. You can plug the Go machine into any USB charging outlet and the machine will charge and operate at the same time. There are only three buttons. 1) The on/off switch. This is a toggle switch, depress once to turn on, depress again to turn off. 2) the volume +, previous sound. Depress and hold to increase the volume. Depress and release to access the previous sound. 3) The volume -/ next sound. Depress and release to access the next sound, depress and hold to reduce the volume. The Go machine has a multi-function fold over tab. It can be folded out to access the controls and to serve as a stand for the Go machine. It can also be used to hang the Go machine on a door knob, drawer handle or any other type hook. The fold over tab also serves to shield the control buttons so the machine is not inadvertently turned on when in transit. For best results place the Go machine between you and any source of outside/unwanted noise. Be sure to place the Go machine at least 3 feet from you.
I'm one of those people who actually needs white noise to sleep comfortably. After growing up in a very busy urban environment, I now live in the burbs. I like the laid back atmosphere but find the total silence and darkness at night a little unnerving. This little device is perfect for giving me just enough white noise to comfortably drift off to sleep. I like that it's small, portable, wireless and has adjustable sounds. It has a few different sound profiles. I had to play around with the different sounds a bit because some have the exact opposite effect. One sound in particular reminds me of the white noise a television makes when it has snow on the screen. That particular sound actually wakes me up thanks to my pre-cable TV era childhood. My over the air TV made a similar sound after the local network signed off for the evening and the screen turned to snow. As a youngster, that was my cue in the middle of the night to wake up and turn off the television. My favorite sound on this box is actually the one that resembles waves gently crashing on the ocean. It is ultra-relaxing and I sleep soundly throughout the night with this playing on the nightstand next to my bed. It lasts an entire 7-9 hr night off a single charge with daily recharges. I also like that it's small and portable enough to travel with me during trips.
This is a great little sound machine that actually puts out good sound and also has a lot of different options to choose from. There are eleven sound options including rain, stream/babbling brook, ocean waves, and a few different options of fan and white noise sounds. The fan and white noise sounds come in a variety of different tones and pitches from low to high. I am a fan of the white noise sounds, and like having the option to choose the pitch, so it's important for a sound machine to have this kind of variety. There are minimal controls/buttons, so it's less cumbersome and actually very easy to raise or lower volume levels and switch between the different sounds. There is also a thick plastic loop that can fold in and out, in order to hang this on a door or hook. When not hanging, the loop folds back around the sound machine for a more streamline design. The machine is roughly about 2.25" x 4.5" (about 2.25" x 7.25" when the loop is extended out), so it's compact, which adds to it's portability, making it a nice sound machine for both home and when traveling.
This little sound machine is pretty amazing. It has 11 sound options (your typical white noise machine choices, including, but not limited to, fans, white noise and nature sounds ~ rain, stream, thunder, ocean). Super compact and lightweight. It has what they call a "GoLoop" which flips out and can be used over a coat hanger, hook OR it can be adjusted to use as a stand (to keep on a desk, table, night stand, etc). This thing can crank out the volume too. I was surprised because it's such a compact little machine. Relatively easy to use once you figure it out (mine came with no instructions). This is a USB port use only. However, we have a cube that plugs into the wall and we plug the cable into that and use it that way. You certainly don't have to; you can charge it up, then use it completely stand alone (not hooked up to device or a cube). Not quite sure how long a charge would last thought. Hopefully, this little workhorse will last, because my husband loves it for work travel and we will be using it on our vacation this summer.
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