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Is good and after regular charging battery recharging?

by:UFO      2020-05-20
The shallow due to the discharge is, the cycle number will increase significantly. According to this theory, therefore, often charging can be beneficial to the cycle of life, but on the market a large number of circulation use of the charger

, due to the effect of price factors and technical level, the charger is high failure rate, poor reliability, low accuracy of defects. So sometimes, frequently instead affects the battery charging

life. Will vent rechargeable batteries, charging times although less, but because there will always be differences between monomer battery when discharge may cause some single over discharge, over discharge

pool charging accept ability will be greatly reduced, cause the failure of under charge, also it finished by electricity recharging, charging him load time is long, easy to damage the charger. Therefore, comprehensive

the above, we think of the storage battery discharge electricity - 50 70% when a charge is more reasonable, is good for battery.

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